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2018-2019 RECPTA Membership

Membership is open to any parent or prospective parent in or around the Oak Cliff area. Our members include stay-at home moms, stay-at-home dads, moms who work outside the home, pregnant and adopting parents. . . the list goes on. We reflect the diversity of our extended neighborhood, and thrive on our common love for our kids and the community in which they will grow up.

Renew now as a GENERAL MEMBER: General Member Renewal Form 2018-2019 and pay just $35 annually in RECPTA membership dues to receive access to our Member Resources, Community Forums, Playgroups, Small Groups, online Member Directory and more!

Renew now as an ALUMNI MEMBER: Alumni Renewal Form 2018-2019 and pay just $20 annually in RECPTA membership dues. Alumni members must have been a member of RECPTA for a minimum of 4 years and have a child over 7 years old.

LIFETIME MEMBERS: Lifetime Member Renewal Form 2018-2019

For questions, please contact us at [email protected]