Meetings Minutes

Rosemount Early Childhood PTA (RECPTA)

Date: November 06, 2018


The board meeting of RECPTA was called to order on November 06, 2018 at 7:37 p.m. in 1554 Oak Knoll St. by president, Kay Wood, the secretary being present. A quorum was established.


A motion to waive the reading of the minutes from the previous meeting was proposed by Christy Rudduck. The motion was seconded by Becky Tucker and was carried.


Becky Tucker will be the temporary secretary because Laura Motta Mena was not present.


Becky Moffett will be the temporary parliamentarian because Shelly Morgan was not present.



1.    Treasurer’s report – Christi Rudduck

a.    See attached spreadsheet of Treasurer’s report

b.    We need to cut this year’s Boo Bash check for $100. RECPTA sponsored the baby/toddler costume category winner.

c.    Christy needs assistance with the zoo program. We’re looking to hold the event in December. Rebekah Silva said she would help.

2.    Membership report– Stephanie Baxter

a.    We have 54 alumni and 74 general members

b.    We have started a phone tree to contact former RECPTA members to see if they had an interest in rejoining.  Need to update the list.  Will have Stephanie resend the link to the document.

3.    Programming report – Melissa Love Tristan

a.    Melissa resigned her position as VP of programs due to family changes.

b.    She did agree to mentor the new VP of programs

c.    Cookie swap planned Dec. 13th.  This will be instead of a general membership meeting. 

d.    Founders Day set.  Two possible chairs identified by Kay.

4.    Ways and Means report – Becky Tucker

a.    We have a conference call with Cynthia, last year’s VP of Ways and Means, to review lessons  learned from last year’s pictures with Santa. 

b.    Group discussed doing a combo event by combining the zoo event with pictures with Santa.  Christy Rudduck will follow-up with the zoo to see if we could have our own Santa.

5.    Communications report – Rebekah Silva

a.    Tech committee has not purchased new technology yet. We need to understand how to purchase technology.

b.    ate has not approved changes to our bylaws.  Therefore, we do not have a credit card.  Will explore payment options but group would prefer to wait for our credit card.

6.    Sunshine Meals report – Sue Bacsik

a.    Kay asked Sue to coordinate a couple meals for Stephanie and her family now that her son is out of the hospital.

7.    Community liaison report – Becky Moffett

a.    Working with the Well.  An Amazon cart has been created and you will be able to donate through that.  Hope to roll this out next week or shortly after.

b.    Exploring options with Cozy Cottage.

c.    Mom’s night out Nov. 7th at Eno’s.

d.    Will explore a diaper drive with the Promise House.

8.    Alumni liaison report – Katie Berry

a.    Last alumni event had a great turnout.

b.    Need to share pictures with Rebekah so they can be posted on Facebook.

9.    Rosemont liaison report – Kim Coplen Green

a.    STEM night, Nov. 14th, Rosemont lower campus.

b.    Exploring a neighborhood event for families who will have a kindergartener in Rosemont.  Looking at a date in November.

c.    DISD holding a meeting on Nov. 15th to discuss tearing down or repurposing Rosemont’s upper campus. 

10.  No new business

a.    Agenda for Nov. 15th general meeting

                                          i.    Fundraising/PTA Excellence Committee- currently consists of Becky Tucker.  Becky M. considering co-chairing.

                                         ii.    Technology committee status update

                                        iii.    Interest group leaders: Wine Club- Still need a leader

                                       iv.    Board Reports



The meeting was adjourned at 8:08 p.m.




Laura Motta-Mena, Secretary 

November 18, 2018


Rosemount Early Childhood PTA (RECPTA)

Date: October 09, 2018


The board meeting of RECPTA was called to order on September 11, 2018 at 7:59 p.m. in the 1639 Handley Dr. by president, Kay Wood, the secretary being present. A quorum was established.


A motion to waive the reading of the minutes from the previous meeting was proposed by Melissa Love-Tristan. The motion was seconded by Becky Moffett and was carried.


Melissa Love Tristan will be the temporary parliamentarian because Shelly Morgan was not present.



1.    Becky Moffett moved for the board to take a vote again to approve the renewal of the Methodist Dallas sponsorship agreement. The motion was seconded by Christi Rudduck and was carried.

2.    Treasurer’s report – Christi Rudduck

a.    See attached spreadsheet of Treasurer’s report

b.    Sent the check to Dallas Children’s Theater for $14,000

c.    Cancelled Greater Giving account

3.    Membership report– Stephanie Baxter

a.    66 people attended the Popsicle Party

b.    Since the previous meeting 15 people renewed their membership

c.    We agreed to move from sending renewal email to calling members that have not yet renewed

                                          i.    Stephanie will create a Google spreadsheet so that each board member can sign-up to call 10 people

4.    Playgroups report – Mary Madabhushi

a.    The general membership has not been attending the playgroups, it’s mostly been Mary’s friends/neighbors

b.    Melissa Love Tristan suggested we host at a public place

                                          i.    For example, Stevens Park, Kidd Springs, or Kessler School, etc. are suggestions

                                         ii.    Make a signup for Alumni and another for current members

                                        iii.    Create a monthly public place playgroup

                                       iv.    Dawn, the lady of popsicle party, could be a host of a playgroup maybe

c.    Becky Moffett suggested to do an event at Oil and Cotton where the kids gets dropped off for 1-2 hr and they’ll make a Christmas gift.

                                          i.    Or have the kids and parents stay and make a Christmas ornament

                                         ii.    Plan a weekend playgroup for working parents, maybe a Friday dinner thing

d.    Christi Rudduck suggested doing a potluck dinner for Friendsgiving

e.    Kim Coplen Green suggested using different colored bracelets for the parents to wear to designate the different age groups

f.     Mary Madabhushi suggested an outing to the Arboretum and hire a photographer to take photos (possible photographers Brittney Dean or Julie P.) Tell the parents that they’ll get Christmas number of photos

5.    Programming report – Melissa Love Tristan

a.    Next general meeting will be on Thursday Oct. 17 at 10:30 am at Rosemont Elementary library, the principal will take the group on a tour

b.    She’s looking for someone to host the Nov 15 general meeting

c.    The cookie swap will be at Julie P’s house (she’s a photographer). Her husband will dress as Santa. This will be on Thursday Dec 13

d.    She needs to confirm the date for the hayride, tentatively it is Dec 14

e.    Founder’s Day will be on Feb 16

f.     The March general meeting will be at Coco Andre

g.    Kay Wood suggested that because in January we don’t have anything on the schedule, we should set up a roundtable discussion (2nd week of January) of the different school options available

h.    Christi Rudduck suggested we do playgroups at schools that serve as an educational way to introduce parents to the different schools. It would be a kind of open house. We could get information from St Augustine PDO, Zoo pre-school program, other local kindergarten and elementary schools

i.      Melissa Love Tristan suggested that if the speaker can’t make it to November (most likely they only come in April), then let’s do the school learning sessions then

j.      The learning session could be at Cibo Divino or Chicken Scratch or la Fondita or Taqueria Taxqueno, but we need to get people maybe from the school to come and talk

k.    Stephanie Baxter suggested that each school gives us brochures and we collect them and put it in a bag with the RECPTA logo

l.      Kay Wood is working on filling the interest groups. An update on this she got Nick Dean to organize a family campout

m.   Kay Wood and Becky Tucker are working on coordinating the Santa photos

6.    Communications report – Rebekah Silva

a.    The technology committee has been researching different platforms to replace the MemberClicks program we use for the RECPTA website and email distribution

b.    The technology committee’s recommendation is to switch to Club Express program. Their full report is attached

c.    Becky Moffett moved to approve an initial budget of $2,000 to move our service to Club Express and create a new website and backup database. The motion was seconded by Katie Berry and was carried.

d.    This change will be proposed at the general meeting on Oct. 17 for approval by general memebership

7.    Sunshine Meals report – Sue Bacsik

a.    Not present, nothing to report

8.    Community liaison report – Becky Moffett

a.    We’re doing a drive with The Well, we will create an Amazon list sometime in Nov. where we buy toiletries and donate to The Well

9.    Rosemont liaison report – Kim Coplen Green

a.    There is an anti-bullying campaign at Rosemont that was started by one of the parents there. Kim suggested RECPTA could partner with her on that

10.  No new business

a.    Kay Wood said that RECPTA will post on social about the dates for all of the different community meetings regarding the school consolidation

b.    Becky Moffett suggested that we need to include IP clause in our bylaws so that what happened with our Facebook page won’t happen again

                                          i.    The Texas PTA should already have some language on this that we could use



The meeting was adjourned at 9:18 p.m.




Laura Motta-Mena, Secretary 

October 21, 2018



RECPTA Minutes

Board Meeting



Rosemount Early Childhood PTA (RECPTA)

Date: September 11, 2018


The board meeting of RECPTA was called to order on September 11, 2018 at 7:49 p.m. in the 217 N Montclair Ave. by president, Kay Wood, the secretary being present. A quorum was established.


A motion to waive the reading of the minutes from the previous meeting was proposed by Melissa Love-Tristan. The motion was seconded by Becky Moffett and was carried.



1.    Kay Wood brought up that we needed to appoint board member to review bank statements, it needs to be some other than a signatory or the secretary.

a.    Becky Moffett volunteered and so she became the designated board member to review group bank statements

b.    Kay Wood let the board know that Shelly Morgan and her are almost done drafting “standing rules” and will distribute that later

2.    Distribution of funds from the May general meeting allocations: $3,657 for FLES and $1,037.88 for GT/Coding

3.    Treasurer’s report – Christi Rudduck

a.    Please refer to the appendices “Treasurer’s report 9//11/2018” to see the numbers for account balance, deposits, checks, ending balance

b.    Kay needs to amend her Plan of Work

c.    Other board members that need to amend their plans of work for: Ways and Means (Becky Tucker), Sunshine Meals coordinator (Sue Bacsik), and for Alumni liaison (Katie Berry)  

d.    Christi Rudduck moved to remove Emily Ruth Cannon, Sonya Herbert, Ally Newman, and Lindsay Duncan as signatories privileges from bank account. The motion was seconded by Becky Moffett and was carried.

                                          i.    New signatories are Christi, Kay Wood and Stephanie Baxter

4.    VP Membership – Stephanie Baxter

a.    As of Saturday we went from 271 to 50 members: 11 new, 39 returning; and from 74 to 38 alumni members

                                          i.    Please refer to “Membership report 9/11/2018”

b.    That’s a big drop, so Stephanie is going to send reminders, VP of Comms is going post on social. All of the board member are also going to share the RECPTA post on their personal Facebook pages

c.    Stephanie is going to review the numbers again at the end of the month, and then turn it in for the membership to review

d.    Included in the renewal reminder email to the membership there was also a survey at the end

                                          i.    Several people answered this and offered suggestions/comments

                                         ii.    Stephanie has the data from this survey, so she will send and talk to Jessica McGee (volunteer coordinator) about these data so she can see who among the membership wants to volunteer and for what activities

e.    We should add greeters for the popsicle party, Stephanie will coordinate this

f.     Stephanie has a handle on all of the activities for the popsicle party

                                          i.    Christi will help her to get in touch with the folks at ABC party about balloons for the party

g.    By the way, to login to the website portal (i.e. Membeclicks) you use your title for the username and the pw is board2018

5.    Playgroups Coordinator – Mary Madabhushi

a.    Playgroups are rolling

b.    Mary and Kay are negotiating with people that took the member names the RECPTA Facebook and used them to start another Facebook page called “Oak Cliff Family Forum”

c.    All of the RECPTA playgroups that will be posted on Facebook are open to members and non-members

d.     “Raising Oak Cliff” is the new group started by the former RECPTA board members, Kay will reach out to them about doing joint activities

6.    VP of Programs – Mellissa Love-Tristan

a.    Reminder that we have an upcoming general meeting September 18

b.    October’s general meeting will be at Rosemont Elementary school, November’s general meeting will want to be at an active, new member’s house TBD

                                          i.    Melissa asked that we all think of a candidate for this

c.    Would like to try to have one of the other general meetings at Coco Andre

d.    Need to build committees (support positions) for Mom’s Night Out, Little Feet, Founder’s Day, etc.

e.    Melissa will make a list of the groups that she needs volunteers

f.     We all should think of moms that would be good candidates for this

g.    Becky Moffett had in the past when she was President created an organizations chart, Kay Wood said it’s on our current website and is date 2015  

                                          i.    Becky’s suggestion was to use this chart to figure where the holes are (i.e. where we need volunteers, committees, etc.

                                         ii.    Rebekah Silva will help Becky download the organizations chart, and Becky will update it

h.    Lets all keep pushing the Little Bison Story Time, the first Monday of every month at Rosemont Library

7.    VP Ways and Means – Becky Tucker

a.    Noting to report

8.    VP Communications – Rebekah Silva 

a.    Only send reminders to people that have not renewed, those people have had 3 email reminders already

b.    Warn them that they will be removed from email list, that should prompt them to renew

c.    For Facebook post we should focus on writing about playgroups, events

d.    Also we will pay for Facebook boosts for the popsicle party

e.    Two days before the popsicle party Rebekah will also send a reminder email

f.     Rocio Lopez is in charge of the book club and Kristen Matthews is doing running club, and we a need person for wine club, need a person for BroCEPTA also

g.    Kay is planning Mom’s Night out for October

9.    Sunshine Meals coordinator – Sue Basick

a.    Nothing to report

b.    Sue and Kay will get together to talk about sending emails to new moms

10.  Alumni liaison – Katie Berry

a.    The alumni party will be Thursday Oct 4th

b.    She has an alumni spreadsheet and will send a separate email because this can’t send them through VP Communications

c.    Create an Evite from the alumni list, then share that Evite with general memebership

d.    The event will be at Nova, RECPTA will pay for just the food and each person pays for their own drinks

11.  Rosemont liaison – Kim Coplen Green

a.    Nothing to report

12.  Parliamentarian – Shelly Morgan

a.    She met with Kay to go over bylaws, they were submitted by Kay to membership for consideration on the website and via email

b.    Membership will vote on them at the next general meeting on September 18

c.    Kay and Shelly still need to finalize and review the standing rules

d.    The updated version is on the website in case members want to take a look

e.    At the previous board meeting in July we talked about starting PTA excellence committee to run the PTA excellence program

                                          i.    Run by national PTA, helps you focus on goals

                                         ii.    Heard about it at summer conference

f.     The tech committee headed by Rebekah will review our current software Memberclicks  and determiner whether we should replace this with PTAvenue, or Membership Toolkit (3 or 5 members).

                                          i.    The committee will make a recommendation and then memebership has to approve the change.

                                         ii.    The migration will be done by whoever is the communications chair next year

                                        iii.    In order to get people to sign up for this tech committee and the other committees we need we should have sign-up sheets at the upcoming general meeting and at the popsicle party

                                       iv.    Becky M., Melissa, and Rebekah with look at the org chart and determine the committees that we need

13.  Community Liaison – Becky Moffett

a.    Put this question to the board: What events can we do in the community?

b.    One ideas is to host an event at the zoo

                                          i.    For example, we have the kid area at the zoo reserved only for RECPTA people, 5-7pm

                                         ii.    Christi will ask about the Zoo preschool

c.    Angel tree idea for Rosemont families

d.    Nursing home event

e.    The Well, Cliff Temple Mental Health Assistance

f.     CASA, children advocacy center, CPS (child protective services) car seat drive (Melisa will confirm about this the CPS idea

g.    After popsicle party, Stephanie will clean out the storage closet

                                          i.    Christi Rudduck and Katie Berry will help pick up the signs



The meeting was adjourned at 9:12 p.m.



Rosemount Early Childhood PTA (RECPTA)

Date: July 22, 2018


The board meeting of RECPTA was called to order on July 22, 2018 at 7:21 p.m. in the 1554 Oak Knoll St. by president, Kay Wood, the secretary being present. A quorum was established.


A motion to waive the reading of the minutes from the previous meeting was proposed by Melissa Love-Tristan. The motion was seconded by Sue Bacsik and was carried.



1.    President’s report, Kay Wood:

a.    The Bylaws will be reviewed next month and proposed at the September Board Meeting. An email will go out to the general membership on 8/21.

b.    All board members need to keep detailed notes on their current position for next year’s board. Please include critical dates and plan of action.

c.    PTAvenue is a membership software tool. Information on this will be uploaded to the group Google drive.

                                           i.    We will form a technology committee to review our options for membership and website management. Kay will create logins for the board so we can look around. This could replace Quickbooks as well.

d.    General meetings will be held September 20, October date TBD, November 15, February 16, March 21, April 18, and May 16. There will be no meeting in January.

e.    The September 20th meeting will be at Tish Thompson’s house at 7 pm

f.      Kay is going to talk to the Rosemont Elementary principal about hosting the October meeting

g.    The December meeting will also be the Cookie Swap (details TBD).

h.    Board meetings will be the Tuesday before the General meeting. Except the March meeting is moved to March 5th because of spring break.

i.      Founder’s Day will be February 16th.

j.      We need to assign a 3rd person as a signer on the group bank checking account. Kay proposed Stephanie Baxter and she agreed.

k.    We need to post meeting minutes on the website.

2.    Treasurer’s report, Christi Rudduck:

a.    The record retention policy for the past 7 years has to be reviewed and approved every year.

b.    We should have a RECPTA table at the Kinder Round Up.

c.    We do have bond insurance as a board. Christi is checking to see if we also have the property insurance. We may be carrying too much insurance.

d.    The reimbursement forms need to be signed by 3 people (president, treasurer, and a committee chair).

e.    Christi needs to compile a budget committee.

f.      Becky Moffett moved to set up an PayPal account. The motion was seconded by Katie Berry and it was tabled until we hear back from the State PTA about the rules on having a PayPal account.

g.    Christi is reviewing the PTAvenue software to see if it is a good fit to replace Quickbooks. She will let us know at the August Board Meeting.

3.    VP Programs report, Melissa Love-Tristan:

a.    Melissa and Becky Tucker will form a RECPTA Excellence Committee with 3-5 members.

b.    They will work on creating a mission, submit surveys, and work through the identity and fundraising roadmap

4.    Rosemont Liaison report, Kim Coplen Green:

a.    STEM Night at Rosemont Elementary will be on November 14th.

b.    Literacy Night on February 28th.

c.    SPDM Meetings in 2018 on September 6th, October 4th, November 2nd, and December 6th at the Rosemont upper campus library.

d.    SPDM Meetings in 2019 on February 7th, March 7th, April 4th, May 2nd at Rosemont the lower campus library.

e.    The Rosemont Boo Bash will be October 27th 10/27. RECPTA will have a booth.

f.      RE Meet the Teacher will be August 16th from 4-7 pm

5.    Alumni Liaison report, Katie Berry:

a.    Proposed changing website to create more connection. The motto is: “Get connected and be of Service”

b.    Katie started to discuss having a school fair with Kay Wood & Melissa Love-Tristan and how to get alumni involved.

6.    New business.

a.    Becky Moffett brought up the annual Zoo event, will discuss further at next meeting.

b.    The next Board Meeting will be on September 21, 2018.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 p.m.




Laura Motta-Mena, Secretary 

July 24, 2018


Rosemount Early Childhood PTA (RECPTA)

Date: June 28, 2018

The general meeting of RECPTA was called to order on June 28, 2018 at 7:38 p.m. at the Cliff House, 610 N Tyler St., by president, Kay Wood, the secretary being present. A quorum was established.

There was a motion to by Sue Bacsik to not read the minutes of the previous May meeting, Melissa Love Tristan seconded that, the motion carried. The minutes of the May meeting were not read.


  1. The president, Kay Wood, introduced each of the new Board members for 2018-2019

  2. Kay gave a summary of goals for the year

    1. The group will focus on things we do well: sunshine meals, popsicle party, interest groups. These are programs that build community, offer a personal touch.

    2. The biggest change will be that we will not organize any major fundraising events

    3. We are trying reaching out to all the members and talk to them one-on-one. Related to this, we will include a survey with the membership renewal email

    4. Kay is personally reaching out by phone to each of the registered members

  3. The Volunteer Coordinator position is currently open:

    1. Kay asked for nominations, but nobody came forward at this time

    2. If anybody knows of a candidate or is themselves interested in the position later on then they should contact Kay at [email protected]

  4. The group needs to review the bylaws before the Fall

    1. Kay appointed a committee to review the bylaws: Brittany Dean, Diane Sherman, Brooke Wise, Shelly Morgan, and Kay Wood.

  5. Board Member Reports:

    1. Stephanie Baxter, Membership:

      1. We have 271 general members and 74 alumni member

    2. Melissa Love Tristan, Programs:

      1. We need people to help organize mom’s night, great hospitality, founder’s day

    3. Becky Tucker, Ways & Means: nothing to report

    4. Christi Rudduck, Treasurer:

      1. The treasurer’s report showed that as of 5/9/2018 the RECPTA account showed: a beginning balance of $49,122.25, deposits of $2,600.59, disbursements/checks for $4,321.77, and an ending balance of $47,401.07 on 6/28/2018.

      2. Christi moved to have a credit card associated with the RECPTA checking account. The motion was seconded by Melissa Love Tristan.

      3. We need to change our bylaws in order to add the credit card, therefore the motion needs to pass by a two-thirds majority vote

      4. There was no discussion on this motion, and after a vote the motion passed.

      5. Christi moved to amend the budget as indicated in the Proposed budget 2018-2019 handout (attached):

        1. Eliminate $700 from the Board Retreat budget, the previous budget was $1000 and will now be $300

        2. Eliminate $300 from the Board Turnover dinner budget, the previous budget was $300 and will now be $0

        3. Add $145 to the TX PTA Leadership Training budget, the previous budget was $500 and will now be $645

        4. Add $100 to the budget for Facebook advertising, the previous budget was $0 and will now be $100

        5. Add the remaining $755 to the Programs budget, the previous budget was $7148 and will now be $7913

          1. Note: in Christi’s budget handout it list a $655 increase in the Programs budget, instead of the $755 I think it should be. I will ask Christi for clarification on this

      6. The motion to make the above-mentioned amendments to the budget was seconded and carried.

    5. Rebekah Silva, Communications: nothing to report

    6. Sue Bacsik, Sunshine Meals: if anyone knows any expecting moms please let her know

    7. Becky Moffett, Community Liaison: nothing to report

    8. Kim Green, Rosemont Liaison:

      1. We need to get RECPTA volunteers to go to a “Meet the Teachers” meeting at the school on August 16 from 4-7pm

      2. The new Principal at Rosemont is Marco Barker, he was previously an elementary vice principal

    9. Katie Berry, Alumni Liaison: nothing to report

    10. Shelly Morgan, Parliamentarian: nothing to report

    11. Alexa Taylor, general member, would like host a party/get together for the incoming kinder class at Rosemont. She’ll give us a heads up later about the details and then send an email to the membership

  6. Kay’s wrap-up message: keep a look out on our Facebook for upcoming events!

  7. No new business.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

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Laura Motta-Mena, Secretary  

June 29, 2018

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