Meetings Minutes


General Meeting

Wax Space @ Tyler Street Station

The meeting of RECPTA is called to order at 7:18 pm. A quorum is present.

Emily Ruth Cannon - President

Start with rules for discussion.

Rules for discussion are as follows:

  1. We ask everyone to be respectful and refrain from speaking out of turn or having side conversations.

  2. The presenter of each motion has the right to speak first on the motion.

  3. Anyone who wishes to speak on the motion must stand and be recognized by the chair before speaking.

  4. All discussion should be addressed to the chair, myself, and not to a particular person.

  5. Any interruptions and/or standing while another person is speaking is considered out of order.

  6. Discussion is limited to 10 minutes per motion. The chair has determined that each person can speak for up to 2 minutes to allow for well-balanced discussion. The floor can always motion to extend the discussion and that requires a 2/3rd vote.

  7. The chair or my appointee is responsible for keeping time.

  8. Yielding time to another member is not permitted.

  9. No member may speak a second time on a motion unless everyone else who wishes to speak has done so.

  10. Given the size of this meeting, when the chair calls on you to speak, please announce your name to the assembly, speak concisely and on-topic.

  11. If someone is being disruptive or out of order, please help keep order by standing, saying “point of order,” and the chair will address the issue.

For all motions this evening, discussion will be limited to 10 minutes with a maximum of two minutes per person.

At this time I would like to appoint the following committees:

The chair appoints the following members to the financial reconciliation committee: Laura Corkery, Elisa Eaton and Lindsay Panbech.

The chair appoints Teri Merrick as the chair of the teller’s committee with Angela Valek, Emily Sanford,  Katie Barry, Lisa Martel, and Teresa Norton as members of the teller’s committee.

Also, Ally Newman or Jenifer Parker will serve as time keepers.



Secretary - Anne Fahrenholz - reading of the minutes

If moved: Laura motions that we move the reading of the minutes, Jenifer seconds this motion, any discussion? All in favor? All opposed? “Motion Carries. The minutes will be officially filed with the other minutes on the password protected portion of our website for membership distribution.”

  • If minutes are read, follow by asking “Are there any corrections to the minutes?” then “If there are no corrections, the minutes are approved.”  “The minutes will be filed on the password protected portion of our website for membership distribution”

Anne, at this point can you present the executive board report?

Anne speaks.

Financial Report - Ally Newman

Balance at the last general meeting 4/19/18 $15, 593.00

Deposits: $51, 549.82

Checks: -$17, 941.30

Ending cash balance 5/17/18 $49, 201.52

Final budget is projected on screen

Laura motions that we approve the final budget, Anne seconds this motion. Is there any discussion?

Brooke Wise - want to clarify that the budget we approved in September had a different name as other donations now it says other school auction allocations. We must amend the budget. Propose a division of the question. Remove all fundraiser expense be pulled for consideration at another time. 19k was supposed to be spent on auction 37k was spent on the auction. We did make twice as much as the previous year.

Melissa love seconds it.

Sonya wants to know the intent of this. This is just a bookkeeping matter.

Emily C - explains we approving pulling out the 23k that we are voting on tonight from the budget. We are going to approve final budget other than this fundraising section.

Kasey Ford - volunteer appreciation event went up 450% from the previous year.

Emily C - explains that we struggled with volunteers this year and decided we needed to do extra for those who did

Kaitlin - speaks about thanking volunteers in a more impactful way than we have in the past.

Brooke questions we spent over what we brought in this year.

Diane - can we restate the first motion

Amended motion that we accept the budget with all fundraising expenses (76k) to be pulled out - Brooke.  Second Amy

Vote taken and approved

Membership - Sonya Hebert

263 general members

73 Alumni

5 people joined today so budget will change.

Motion made by Sonya to limit debate to 10 min for each motion.

Jenifer Parker seconded

Amy clarifies ⅔ vote can add time to motion if needed

Vote approved

Programs - Kate Thacker

Recap of the programs throughout the year

Support the incoming programs chair. Please show up

Fundraising - Cynthia Drennan

Auction and Santa Claus Pictures were the biggest fundraisers

Communications - Jenifer Parker

Amanda is taking over. We may be upgrading the website, which could create downtime during the summer.

Community - Laura

Dallas Orchestra performance went well. Two events where we volunteered our time at The Well. Hanuman Homies drive is about to close.

Rosemont Liaison- Kay Wood

Ibike rosemont went really well. Perfect weather. Thanks for all the rosemont staff, teachers, and parents for supporting the auction.

alumni report- Sue Hounsel

Good turnout to the fall social. Ok turn out to the wine collection event in April

Volunteer Coordinator -

Hilary Kapfer for playgroup hosting and organizer and meal delivery

Courtney Wilbur

Sonya Hebert

Kate Thacker

Cynthia Drennan

Kristy Nail

Teri Merrick

Allison Rodriguez

Lynn Blackburn

Sunshine-  Elisa Eaton

Great year, thanks to all volunteers

Emily Cannon - Unfinished Business. THank this board. Volunteering and moming and going through life / many of us with jobs / isn’t easy. Thanks for the time commitmentment to this organization this year.

Introduce Amy Tawil as tonights co-moderator.

Brooke’s Motion to Change Dues to $20.

Under unfinished business, the first item of business is the motion proposed by member Brooke Wise to change our dues which was pending when the last meeting adjourned. The question is on the adoption of the motion to change the dues for all members to $20.

In Brooke’s motion, which was emailed to membership in advance of the meeting as per state PTA guidelines, she stated “The bylaw change  would be to Article V Section 2 A. Annual dues shall be $15.50 for the local portion of the dues plus the state dues as determined by the Texas PTA and national dues determined by the National PTA.”

  • Is there a second to this motion?

  • So, we have  motion to reduce the dues for all members to $20 made by Brooke Wise and seconded by ____. Given that Brooke proposed this motion she has the floor first. Brooke?

  • Are we ready to vote? The question is on the “motion to change the dues for all members to $20. All of those in favor, please raise your hand your voting hand and keep your hand raised until the tellers have had the opportunity to count the votes. Thank you. All of those opposed, please raise your hand your voting hand and keep your hand raised until the tellers have had the opportunity to count the votes.

  • The (affirmative/negative) have it and the motion is (adopted/lost). The Dues will (remain the same/change to $20).

Melissa Love Tristan Seconds the motion

Brooke - should have been done years ago. We raised the price to cover newsletter, postage, printing, etc. We could lower the cost of membership so more can join.

Sonya - Love this idea, but we spent $5k computer software, insurance, storage, printing, et for running this organization $3700 to run the website. $20 membership won’t cover basic operating expenses.

Greta - Thought the $35 was expensive to join, but has gotten much more of the organization than $35

Jenifer - all local ecpta have generally the same dues. Some are $40 and some $25 but most are $35

Katie Berry - the website and storage unit replace the newsletter. We still have expenses.

Heidi Maher - option to check a box to donate a fund to buy someone a membership

Sandra Bussey - more members if you lower it

Sonya - maybe this isn’t the year to make this change

MLT - motion to extend the discussion

Someone seconded

Motion passes

Angela Gomez - just wants clarification

Julie Harner - if we lower it and don’t get extra members, what are we giving up

43% reduction in budget

Sharp Dressed man - if there is no plan to get more people, then this plan isn’t going to work out. This warrants more than 20 min of conversation. Maybe this isn’t the night to vote.

Melissa Love Tristan - let’s create a plan and be more mindful of how we spend that money. Let’s vote

Motion is not adopted

New Business

vote on next year’s budget.

Sonya Hebert to present the proposed 2018-2019 budget.

Sonya Motions to adopt the proposed the budget

Kate seconds to adopt the budget

Question - where is the fundraising line item on this

Sonya - we are going to take time this summer to discuss how we will proceed with fundraising in the future

Motion passes

Kay’s Motion to Reallocate 2017 Funds Kay Wood, Rosemont Liaison, has made a motion for the reallocation of 2017 funds. This was emailed to the general membership and posted on our website two weeks ago. Kay will present this motion.

*Put motion and language on the screen.*

Kay - last years auction gave 10k to rosemont for new lighting for the auditorium. The money was never spent, so rosemont would like to reallocate the money to the foreign language for elementary students program that is beginning next year

Angela Riedel seconds the motion

Motion approved

Distribution of Funds:

The $14,000 distribution to  Rosemont PTA for the annual Dallas Childrens Theater program was approved at the September 2017 general meeting.

Thanks to RECPTA’s fundraising efforts and an under budget year we have $22,304.88 available to distribute. We have 10 requests, totalling $22,304.88

All of these requests have been distributed to membership in paper format tonight

They are also available on the RECPTA website forum and were emailed to all members two weeks ago and again this week.

Given this, the chair moves the reading of the motions. The distribution of funds will be voted on by ballot vote. When you checked in you also received a ballot.

Brooke - We have not approved that part of the budget. We can vote on distributions only after we approve that

Question - are these the only requests we got?

ERC - we narrowed it down based upon what DISD would pay and what PTA allows

Christy Rudduck - at the end of the budget we are behind by 12k

*Put approval/denial language on the screen*

What happens if a request is approved? RECPTA will disburse funds only after a receipt of purchase is provided and only for the financial amount requested and approved by membership. It the purchase receipt shows less value, only the amount spent by recipient will be issued. For example: If the receipt shows $500 spent but the school originally requested/proposed to use $1000, the school will only be awarded $500 and the remainder of the allowed funds will remain with RECPTA to roll over. Funds will be released with a letter stipulating expected by use date. Funds will not be disbursed after this date.

What happens if a request is not approved? The funds will remain with RECPTA and roll over to next year. Funds can only be disbursed by membership approval and with a valid request.

Casey Cox - Wants clarification of the what the 22k is made up of - 12k from auction 10k from roll over

Theresa Norton - can you explain the vetting process for these requests

Amy moves to wave the reading of each motion verbatim because we all have hand outs

Kay seconds

Motion approved

Sonya motions to take the totality of the ballot and discuss in 10 minutes

Courtney Wilbur seconds

Motion passes

Jenifer - we have enough to cover everything. The mission is for ECPTA  

April - are we says the money is money we have in reserve.

Jenifer clarifies we are still rolling over 10k to next year

Question about the Lida Hoe soccer expense - far too expensive

ERC - clarifies how the program works and that it is 1x per week for 80 students

Greta - how long have we let people outside of the rosemont boundaries into RECPTA

Amy - anyone anywhere can join any ECPTA or PTA

Hilary - please explain what motion I is - the overage of the FLES program at Rosemont

Shelly Driscoll - Hogg parent education - can we cover childcare or do we have liability?

Mary Obrien - does rosemont not need the extra 22k?

ERC - Rosemont submitted their requests. They could have submitted more.

Heidi motions to extend discussion time

Diane seconds

Vote denied

Sonya motions for 5 minute recess to tally the votes

Kate seconds

Vote passes

Meeting reconvenes after about a 25 minute break

Chairman: Madam. President

Chair: The Chairman of Tellers is recognized.

Chairman: The Tellers’ Report for the consideration of requests for funds is as follows (read report)

121 Legal Ballots Cast

81 Necessary for adoption

Chair: The Tellers’ Report for the requests for funds is as follows (read report).  

Motion A is (adopted/lost). 55 ya 66 nay

Motion B is (adopted/lost). 57 yay  65 nay

Motion C is (adopted/lost). 56 yay 65 nay

Motion D is (adopted/lost). 63 yay 58 nay

Motion E is (adopted/lost). 59 yay 62 nay

Motion F is (adopted/lost). 60 yay 61 nay

Motion G is (adopted/lost). 60 yay 61 nay

Motion H is (adopted/lost). 54 yay 71 nay

Motion I is (adopted/lost).  110 yay 11 nay approved

Motion J is (adopted/lost).  115 yay 6 nay approved

Letters will be sent to the requesters via mail for use in the 2018-2019 academic school year and only for the purposes requested. All receipts and proof of use of the funds must be returned to the community liaison and treasurer by the date mentioned in their acknowledgement of funds letters.

Brooke Wise - we are adjust the income from $37k made $66k expenses were budgeted much lower from $19k to $39k. We need to amend the budget to approve that extra increase in budget.

Motion from Diane to increase the budjust to $39K

Melissa Love Tristan seconded

All approved

$26, 313.44

$12,312.44 - budget after DCT funds

$13,937.44 -santa pictures

4, 694.88 - the total amount the budget needs to be amended by

Kay Wood moves to amend the budget to allocate $4,694.88 to the fundraising.

Seconded Dana Jones

All approve

Brooke motion to adjourn

Kay second

All approve

This meeting is adjourned at 9:33pm.


Recpta General Meeting 


Texas Ale Project 


Board members present: Jenifer Parker, Laura Corkery, Emily Ruth Cannon, Ally Newman, Sonya Hebert, Kate Thacker, Brittany Dean, Elisa Eaton 

Quorum met – 20 people present 


Call to order – Emily Ruth 

            8:03 pm – Emily called meeting to order. Thanking Texas Ale Project for hosting 

Reading of the minutes from previous meeting – Laura present 

            Brooke asked why the Founder’s Day motion was found not in accordance with ECPTA l

laws. Jenifer and Emily Ruth explain that outside people cannot hold a position in a committee that votes on fund allocation. The way the committee was proposed does not follow the procedure. 

Treasurer Report – Ally 

Balance at the last board meeting $24,346.87 

            Deposits: $11,450.74

            Checks: $20, 204.61 

            Ending balance: $15,593.00

VP Memberships – Sonya 

            306 Member -244 general and 62 Alumni 

VP Programs – Kate 

            Spring retreat 4.28 – Cedar Creek Lake 

            May 17thmeeting is at Methodist at this time 

VP Fundraising – Cynthia (Kate) 

            Auction went really well 

            Working on reconciling everything at this point 

            Final number to come soon 

VP Communications – Jenifer 

            No updates 

Community Liaison – Laura 

            Dallas Chamber Symphony concert coming up in 2 weeks – May 4th

            Flyers in English and Spanish are available – please help distribute the flyers 

            Folsom Fitness Center lawn at Methodist 

            No volunteers are needed 

            Laura has sent the fliers to all the local Oak Cliff schools to distribute to students 

Drive collecting cash or socks and underwear for children getting introduced to the CPS system. $50 raised so far, hoping for more 

Rosemont Liaison – Kay 

            No update 

Alumni Liaison – Sue 

            Brooke gave quick update on the Alumni wine party in April 

Volunteer Coordinator – Kaitlyn (Jenifer) 

            Thanks to all who helped with the auction 

            May 20thfor the volunteer appreciation party 3-5 on a Sunday afternoon

Sunshine Coordinator – Elisa (Sonya)

            Lots of babies coming 

            Always need more volunteers to be buddies and delivery meals 

New Business - 

Brooke Wise motion – RECPTA is expensive for those with limited funds. ECPTA does not require this $35. Biggest expense in the past has been mailing out newsletters and directory. We don’t do that anymore, so we don’t need to charge that much. We cannot vote on this for 30 days. Board needs to look into how this will affect our budget. 

Motion – change the dues from $35 to $20. 

Ally - $315 a month we pay for our memberclicks website 

How many more members do we think we could get from lower dues? 

Sonya looked at the budget – 300 members x 35 = 10k. 24k are operating costs for our organization – popsicle party, mailing condolence cards, website, etc 

Can someone look into an income contingent application for members? 

Emily Ruth – not fair to ask someone to apply 

            We need to be spending money on our moms 

            We have helped people in the past who have had financial hardship 

Meet adjourned at 8:30pm 


General Meeting 

Home of Kay Woods 

Quorum met 

Thursday, March 22, 2018

7:50 PM

Called the meeting to order 7:39pm

President opened the meeting and moved for Laura Corkery to act as acting secretary

Moved to wave the reading of the minutes by Sonya and seconded

Reading of the minutes waved

Jenifer presents Nom Com findings

Emily reads slate

Question about other schools having liaisons

Sonya motions for approving the slate and seconded

Laura as acting secretary reads exec board meeting summary

VP of Membership

233 general members (35 newly joined) 58 alumni members

Book club meeting coming up

VP of Programs Happy Hour mom's night out at Tiny Victories

Spring Retreat on April 28/29

Auction coming up on the 13th

VP of Fundraising - even on expense, update on expense, invitations being stuffed and mailed out shortly, 

VP of Communications - memberclicks AT&T is working now

Community Liaison - Hanuman Homies Drive

Rosemont Liaison

Little Bison Story Time Lower Campus next Wed 3/28 at 10:30am (contact Paula Bliss)

Book Fair at Rosemont 

Alumni Liaison - Social is Friday May 6

Volunteer Coordinator - Sign up for auction needs is available

Sunshine Coordinator - Lots of baby, Surge in March

Unfinished business - motion from Founders Day is invalid 

New business - Motion from Melissa to continue discussion from prior to the meeting

Sonya amend motion to continue the discussion that preceded the meeting

Jenifer amend if you want to stay to discuss for 30 min after the close of the meeting and then set up another time to discuss at a future time

8:13pm close of meeting


RECPTA General Meeting

February 24th, 2018

Turner House, Founder’s Day

Meeting called to order 11:46 AM by President Emily Ruth Cannon.  Welcome message and thanks to organizers.

President explains rules of nominating committee; cannot vote for President or anyone who served on it last year (Kay Wood, Angela Valek, Melissa Love Tristan, Ally Newman or Kate Thacker). Everyone fills out their nominations.

Treasurer’s Report – Sonya Hebert makes a motion to waive the reading of the Treasurer’s Report. Kay Wood seconds. All in favor, motion passes.

Membership Report – Sonya Hebert: There are currently 274 members. Playgroups need more participation and hosts. There is a running club that meets on Wednesday evenings. Wine club will be meeting March 1st at Kay Woods house. Book club will meet April 5th.

Programs Report – Kate Thacker: Next General Meeting will be on March 22nd in the evening at Kay Woods house. We need more volunteers to host Small Groups and meetings. Spring retreat will be April 28th at Cedar Creek Lake. Mom’s Night Outs are being planned, but no concrete dates set yet.

Fundraising – Cynthia Payne-Drennan: Auction will be April 13th at Hall of State, the theme is a white party “Heart for the Arts”. So far, the auction has raised $18,000.

Shelley Morgan makes a motion that all proceed from the auction go to Rosemont. Amy Tawil seconds. Discussion follows. Diane Sherman suggest an ad hoc committee be created to determine how proceeds from the auction be allocated. Shelley Morgan amends her motion that an ad hoc committee be created which consists of 3 alumni, 3 regular members, and 1 community member.  Terri Polachek seconds. Vote – majority is in favor. Motion passes.

Alumni Liaison – Sue Hounsel: The alumni spring social will most likely be held April 6th.

Communications – Jenifer Parker: She has heard from a few people that they are not getting e-mails. She spoke with Memberclicks, it seems to be an issue with AT&T, but it should be fixed now. But you can always email Jenifer if you are having problems.

Sunshine – Elisha Eaton: seven babies are due in March, please reach out to her if you can volunteer to bring a meal.

Community Liaison – Laura Corkery: Dallas Chamber Symphony concert will be May 4th at Methodist. April 7th Methodist is hosting Garden to Table event that may interest RECPTA members.

Secretary – Brooke Wise moves that we waive the reading of the minutes from the previous general meeting. Emily Kaczmarczyk seconds. All in favor, motion passes.

Rosemont Liaison – Kay Wood: Preschool Reading Time is coming back to Rosemont, dates are TBD, but will be posted on RECPTA calendar and Rosemont calendar.

Ballots have been counted. Nominating Committee will be comprised of Jenifer Parker, Becca Leonard, Kristy Nail, Elisa Eaton and Sonya Hebert. The alternates are Emily Kaczmarczyk, Laura Corkery, and Ashley Farris.

Meeting adjourned at 12:20 PM.


General Meeting

November 16th, 2017

Oak Cliff Dance


Meeting called to order 8:15

Quorum met


Meeting began with a 20 minute barre class led by the owner of Oak Cliff Dance


Emily Ruth called the meeting to order.

Introducing ourselves to the group.


Nothing to report from Emily Ruth.

Sonya sent membership update 236 members currently.

Mom’s Night Out the previous week went well. Outdoor movie in Holmes’ backyard.

Kate VP Programs – family campout went really well. 12 families showed.

Next month’s meeting is the cookie exchange. Field to Meal is catering the event. Jenni Stolarski is hosting.

Cynthia VP Fundraising – Santa picture fundraiser did well. Raised over $1500.

Communications Jenifer – member profiles online are listed. This is a good way to locate phone

numbers and email addresses for members in our community.

Community Liaison Laura – The Well night went well. Lots of volunteers to serve and make

food. Lots of positive feedback. We will try to repeat it in the Spring.

Treasurer Ally – Balance at 10/19 meeting $22,143.98

            Deposits $1,708.12 (Santa photos and membership)

Checks -$1,896.80

Ending balance $22,027.30

Rosemont Liaison Kay – Good turnout at the last membership meeting at Rosemont. December

15th Holiday Hay Ride at Rosemont put on by the Dad’s Club and the PTA.

Volunteer Coordinator Kaitlin – Reminder to get in your 1 hour of membership volunteering

whether it’s delivering a meal or helping at an event.

Sunshine Lynn – nothing to report

Parliamentarian Brittany – nothing to report


Meeting adjourned at 8:42



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