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Rosemont Early Childhood PTA
General Meeting
September 16, 2014
Oil and Cotton


The general meeting of the Rosemont Early Childhood PTA was called to order on September 16th, 2014 at 7:15 at Oil and Cotton, by President Melissa Love-Tristan the Secretary being present.  A quorum established. The minutes of the May 2014 General Meeting were reviewed and approved as distributed.

Welcome – by  Melissa Love-Tristan

The new board was introduced.  Thanks to the Popsicle Party volunteers and attendees and to our meeting host, Oil and Cotton.

Treasurer's Report: Casey  Cox

Opening Balance (5/15/14) $32,134.  Deposits: $3,091.  Disbursements: $9,076.42 ($4,967).  Ending cash balance (9/16/14): $26,149.99 ($30,258). See treasurer report for details. Budget considerations reviewed, with the most current considerations being the new website costs and the Boo at the Zoo. Motion by Emily Kaczmarczyk moved to approve the budget as proposed.  Motion seconded and approved.  Budget approved as distributed.
**Please note this is updated from the original posted general minutes, to account for a revision in the treasurer report. Original numbers in parenthesis. See treasurer report for full revision details. 

Membership Report: Norell Liddell

We currently have 90 paid members, and expecting more renewals as we are currently in renewal period for 2014-2015. We have over 400 contacts that we will reach out to for member renewal. Popsicle party was a success, with 54 members and 15 visitors attending. A big thanks to everyone who helped with the event, and to Kidd Springs Recreation Center. Our next event is Boo at the Zoo on October 5th, but you must be a current paid member to attend.  We are currently looking for volunteers to call members to encourage them to renew their membership and sign up for the Zoo event. Member registration is currently underway and available on the website.

Programs Report: Emily Kaczmarczyk

Our next general meeting will be on October 22nd at 9:30 am. Moms Night Out was a huge success, with 30 members attending. The RECPTA Fall retreat is this weekend. Family picnic is September 28th from 3-5 at Coombs Creek Trail . Bring your own food and drink. It will be rescheduled in case of inclement weather.  We are always looking for suggestions for meeting programs.

Fundraising Report: Terri Polachek as reviewed by Melissa Love-Tristan.

The 2015 RECPTA Auction will be on Friday March 20th, 2014 at the West End Center. Theme will be announced later. We still need a lot of volunteers to help up in every area. Please contact Terri at [email protected] or [email protected] We are planning a Fall Pop-Up coffee shop fundraiser, details to come.

Communications Report: Brooke Price

We have a new Logo, which you can see on the Facebook and Twitter pages. If you want to share pictures from a RECPTA event to post to our social media accounts, you can send them to [email protected] We have made the switch to our new website host, Our web address remains Our new website is more functional, member-friendly and will eventually be interactive with lists, groups, local information, forms, forums and much more.  Please go online and renew your RECPTA membership today.  Review of new RECPTA website. We are working on updating or blog with board member introductions. We are working on offering community partnerships for website sponsorships.

Community Report: Amy Wallace Cowan

We are planning a clean-your-bookshelf to give proceeds to local schools. Date TBD.

We are now Civic friends with Kidd Springs and hoping to organize a "Clean the Park" event. Details to come.

Sunshine Report: Ally Newman

We have lots of babies due soon. If you are expecting or would like to make a meal for a new family, please e-mail [email protected]

Rosemont Liaison: Venesa Sokolovic

Rosemont Tours are available on Wednesday for group or private. Public Story time is 10:30-11:15 the first Tuesday of every month. Rosemont's Dad's club will have movie night on October 17th. More details to come.

Alumni Liaisons: Amy Tawil

We will have one Fall and one Spring event. Dates and locations TBD.


  • RECPTA Retreat: September 20th

  • Family picnic: September 28th from 3-5 at Coombs Creek Trail . Bring your own food and drink. WIll be rescheduled if inclement weather.

  • Kessler Patch: October 5th

  • October 15th is the deadline for our PTA member renewal


Meeting adjourned at 8:14 pm.

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