Meet Your Board

Kay Wood, President

Member since: 2008
Past RECPTA positions: Sunshine Buddy, Rosemont Liaison
Husband: Grant Wood
Kid(s):Anne Marie (9), Ella (7), and Lyda (4)
How you joined RECPTA: My neighbors, Dorsey Martensen and Veronique Padalecki, invited me to my first meeting when I was pregnant with Anne Marie
Our neighborhood: East Kessler
Kids schools: Susie Williams TAG, Rosemont Primary, and St. Michael Episcopal School
Job: Realtor
Laura Motta-Mena, Secretary
Member since:  2016
Past RECPTA positions: 
Husband:  Mike Dellinger
Kid(s):  Henry Dellinger, 19 month
How you joined RECPTA:  I joined RECPTA soon after I moved to moved Oak Cliff. I was pregnant and my neighbor told me about the organization. She mentioned the Sunshine Meals, the playgroups, and the members-only online market for baby gear…amazing! I was sold on the group immediately. 
Our neighborhood:  Kidd Springs
Kids schools: St. Augustine PDO
Job:  Methodist Dallas Medical Center, Director of Community and Public Relations



Katie Berry, Alumni Liaison

Member since: 1999
Past RECPTA positions: President, Other Board Positions 
Kid(s): Zach and Will
How you joined RECPTA: Laura Schlenker and Cindy Spence
Our neighborhood: Kings Highway
Kids schools: University of Arkansas and CALO
Job: Attorney

Christi Rudduck, Treasurer

Member since: 2013
Past RECPTA positions: N/A 
Husband: Michael Rudduck
Kid(s): Henry (4), Peter (2)
How you joined RECPTA: Grew up in RECPTA, Rosemont alum.
Our neighborhood: Winnetka Heights
Kids schools: Wild Earth Preschool
Job: Stay at Home Mom

Stephanie Baxter, Membership VP

Member Since: 2018
Spouse: Daniel
Kids: Luke (14 months) 
Our neighborhood: Kessler Park
Why I Joined RECPTA: Friend recommendation
Job: Stay at home mom


Becky Moffett, Community Liaison

Member Since: 2003
Past RECPTA involvement:Communications, Membership, Way & Means, Retreats Coordinator, President, Parliamentarian
Spouse: Chris Moffett
Kids: Lauren (14) Benjamin (11) 
Kids Schools: Woodrow HS, Travis TAG Academy
Our neighborhood:
Why I Joined RECPTA: Heard about it from Amy Tawil when Lauren started PDO at KPUMC
Job: Qualigraphics -Your Printing and Promotional Product Source (own it)