Laura SchlenkerI love Founder’s Day.  I try to come every year.  Sometimes, events beyond my control prevent me from attending – like the time my child threw up on me and the front door step as we were headed out, or the time my kids burned my house down the day before (that’s a different topic for another day!).  But while the meaning of Founder’s Day for me has changed over the years, the anticipation has not.

When I was first involved in RECPTA, Founder’s Day gave me a look through a window into a community built on relationships.  The past presidents were usually asked to reflect back on their time in RECPTA, and the overriding theme always seemed to be “I met some of my best life friends in RECPTA.”  My life at the time seemed to be a lot more transient.  I didn’t grow up here, and when my kids were young, I wasn’t sure if I would remain in North Oak Cliff.  I was hoping someday I could say the same, but who knew?

But as my children multiplied and grew older, and I aged (not always at the same rate, it seemed!), I became part of that community.  I had wonderful years on the Board, and then as President, and finally as an Alumnus.  And what made them wonderful was that the relationships that began over play dates and service opportunities continued through the years on a more personal and deeper level.  I love my friends.  And so I love the organization that introduced me to them.  And coming to Founder’s Day every year is a reminder to me about how important connection to others is to a rich and full life.  

Plus, it’s really fun to get dressed up for a ladies’ brunch out.