Rosemount Early Childhood PTA (RECPTA)

Date: November 06, 2018


The board meeting of RECPTA was called to order on November 06, 2018 at 7:37 p.m. in 1554 Oak Knoll St. by president, Kay Wood, the secretary being present. A quorum was established.


A motion to waive the reading of the minutes from the previous meeting was proposed by Christy Rudduck. The motion was seconded by Becky Tucker and was carried.


Becky Tucker will be the temporary secretary because Laura Motta Mena was not present.


Becky Moffett will be the temporary parliamentarian because Shelly Morgan was not present.



1.    Treasurer’s report – Christi Rudduck

a.    See attached spreadsheet of Treasurer’s report

b.    We need to cut this year’s Boo Bash check for $100. RECPTA sponsored the baby/toddler costume category winner.

c.    Christy needs assistance with the zoo program. We’re looking to hold the event in December. Rebekah Silva said she would help.

2.    Membership report– Stephanie Baxter

a.    We have 54 alumni and 74 general members

b.    We have started a phone tree to contact former RECPTA members to see if they had an interest in rejoining.  Need to update the list.  Will have Stephanie resend the link to the document.

3.    Programming report – Melissa Love Tristan

a.    Melissa resigned her position as VP of programs due to family changes.

b.    She did agree to mentor the new VP of programs

c.    Cookie swap planned Dec. 13th.  This will be instead of a general membership meeting. 

d.    Founders Day set.  Two possible chairs identified by Kay.

4.    Ways and Means report – Becky Tucker

a.    We have a conference call with Cynthia, last year’s VP of Ways and Means, to review lessons  learned from last year’s pictures with Santa. 

b.    Group discussed doing a combo event by combining the zoo event with pictures with Santa.  Christy Rudduck will follow-up with the zoo to see if we could have our own Santa.

5.    Communications report – Rebekah Silva

a.    Tech committee has not purchased new technology yet. We need to understand how to purchase technology.

b.    ate has not approved changes to our bylaws.  Therefore, we do not have a credit card.  Will explore payment options but group would prefer to wait for our credit card.

6.    Sunshine Meals report – Sue Bacsik

a.    Kay asked Sue to coordinate a couple meals for Stephanie and her family now that her son is out of the hospital.

7.    Community liaison report – Becky Moffett

a.    Working with the Well.  An Amazon cart has been created and you will be able to donate through that.  Hope to roll this out next week or shortly after.

b.    Exploring options with Cozy Cottage.

c.    Mom’s night out Nov. 7th at Eno’s.

d.    Will explore a diaper drive with the Promise House.

8.    Alumni liaison report – Katie Berry

a.    Last alumni event had a great turnout.

b.    Need to share pictures with Rebekah so they can be posted on Facebook.

9.    Rosemont liaison report – Kim Coplen Green

a.    STEM night, Nov. 14th, Rosemont lower campus.

b.    Exploring a neighborhood event for families who will have a kindergartener in Rosemont.  Looking at a date in November.

c.    DISD holding a meeting on Nov. 15th to discuss tearing down or repurposing Rosemont’s upper campus. 

10.  No new business

a.    Agenda for Nov. 15th general meeting

                                          i.    Fundraising/PTA Excellence Committee- currently consists of Becky Tucker.  Becky M. considering co-chairing.

                                         ii.    Technology committee status update

                                        iii.    Interest group leaders: Wine Club- Still need a leader

                                       iv.    Board Reports



The meeting was adjourned at 8:08 p.m.




Laura Motta-Mena, Secretary 

November 18, 2018