Rosemount Early Childhood PTA (RECPTA)

Date: October 09, 2018


The board meeting of RECPTA was called to order on September 11, 2018 at 7:59 p.m. in the 1639 Handley Dr. by president, Kay Wood, the secretary being present. A quorum was established.


A motion to waive the reading of the minutes from the previous meeting was proposed by Melissa Love-Tristan. The motion was seconded by Becky Moffett and was carried.


Melissa Love Tristan will be the temporary parliamentarian because Shelly Morgan was not present.



1.    Becky Moffett moved for the board to take a vote again to approve the renewal of the Methodist Dallas sponsorship agreement. The motion was seconded by Christi Rudduck and was carried.

2.    Treasurer’s report – Christi Rudduck

a.    See attached spreadsheet of Treasurer’s report

b.    Sent the check to Dallas Children’s Theater for $14,000

c.    Cancelled Greater Giving account

3.    Membership report– Stephanie Baxter

a.    66 people attended the Popsicle Party

b.    Since the previous meeting 15 people renewed their membership

c.    We agreed to move from sending renewal email to calling members that have not yet renewed

                                          i.    Stephanie will create a Google spreadsheet so that each board member can sign-up to call 10 people

4.    Playgroups report – Mary Madabhushi

a.    The general membership has not been attending the playgroups, it’s mostly been Mary’s friends/neighbors

b.    Melissa Love Tristan suggested we host at a public place

                                          i.    For example, Stevens Park, Kidd Springs, or Kessler School, etc. are suggestions

                                         ii.    Make a signup for Alumni and another for current members

                                        iii.    Create a monthly public place playgroup

                                       iv.    Dawn, the lady of popsicle party, could be a host of a playgroup maybe

c.    Becky Moffett suggested to do an event at Oil and Cotton where the kids gets dropped off for 1-2 hr and they’ll make a Christmas gift.

                                          i.    Or have the kids and parents stay and make a Christmas ornament

                                         ii.    Plan a weekend playgroup for working parents, maybe a Friday dinner thing

d.    Christi Rudduck suggested doing a potluck dinner for Friendsgiving

e.    Kim Coplen Green suggested using different colored bracelets for the parents to wear to designate the different age groups

f.     Mary Madabhushi suggested an outing to the Arboretum and hire a photographer to take photos (possible photographers Brittney Dean or Julie P.) Tell the parents that they’ll get Christmas number of photos

5.    Programming report – Melissa Love Tristan

a.    Next general meeting will be on Thursday Oct. 17 at 10:30 am at Rosemont Elementary library, the principal will take the group on a tour

b.    She’s looking for someone to host the Nov 15 general meeting

c.    The cookie swap will be at Julie P’s house (she’s a photographer). Her husband will dress as Santa. This will be on Thursday Dec 13

d.    She needs to confirm the date for the hayride, tentatively it is Dec 14

e.    Founder’s Day will be on Feb 16

f.     The March general meeting will be at Coco Andre

g.    Kay Wood suggested that because in January we don’t have anything on the schedule, we should set up a roundtable discussion (2nd week of January) of the different school options available

h.    Christi Rudduck suggested we do playgroups at schools that serve as an educational way to introduce parents to the different schools. It would be a kind of open house. We could get information from St Augustine PDO, Zoo pre-school program, other local kindergarten and elementary schools

i.      Melissa Love Tristan suggested that if the speaker can’t make it to November (most likely they only come in April), then let’s do the school learning sessions then

j.      The learning session could be at Cibo Divino or Chicken Scratch or la Fondita or Taqueria Taxqueno, but we need to get people maybe from the school to come and talk

k.    Stephanie Baxter suggested that each school gives us brochures and we collect them and put it in a bag with the RECPTA logo

l.      Kay Wood is working on filling the interest groups. An update on this she got Nick Dean to organize a family campout

m.   Kay Wood and Becky Tucker are working on coordinating the Santa photos

6.    Communications report – Rebekah Silva

a.    The technology committee has been researching different platforms to replace the MemberClicks program we use for the RECPTA website and email distribution

b.    The technology committee’s recommendation is to switch to Club Express program. Their full report is attached

c.    Becky Moffett moved to approve an initial budget of $2,000 to move our service to Club Express and create a new website and backup database. The motion was seconded by Katie Berry and was carried.

d.    This change will be proposed at the general meeting on Oct. 17 for approval by general memebership

7.    Sunshine Meals report – Sue Bacsik

a.    Not present, nothing to report

8.    Community liaison report – Becky Moffett

a.    We’re doing a drive with The Well, we will create an Amazon list sometime in Nov. where we buy toiletries and donate to The Well

9.    Rosemont liaison report – Kim Coplen Green

a.    There is an anti-bullying campaign at Rosemont that was started by one of the parents there. Kim suggested RECPTA could partner with her on that

10.  No new business

a.    Kay Wood said that RECPTA will post on social about the dates for all of the different community meetings regarding the school consolidation

b.    Becky Moffett suggested that we need to include IP clause in our bylaws so that what happened with our Facebook page won’t happen again

                                          i.    The Texas PTA should already have some language on this that we could use



The meeting was adjourned at 9:18 p.m.




Laura Motta-Mena, Secretary 

October 21, 2018