Rosemount Early Childhood PTA (RECPTA)

Date: July 22, 2018


The board meeting of RECPTA was called to order on July 22, 2018 at 7:21 p.m. in the 1554 Oak Knoll St. by president, Kay Wood, the secretary being present. A quorum was established.


A motion to waive the reading of the minutes from the previous meeting was proposed by Melissa Love-Tristan. The motion was seconded by Sue Bacsik and was carried.



1.    President’s report, Kay Wood:

a.    The Bylaws will be reviewed next month and proposed at the September Board Meeting. An email will go out to the general membership on 8/21.

b.    All board members need to keep detailed notes on their current position for next year’s board. Please include critical dates and plan of action.

c.    PTAvenue is a membership software tool. Information on this will be uploaded to the group Google drive.

                                           i.    We will form a technology committee to review our options for membership and website management. Kay will create logins for the board so we can look around. This could replace Quickbooks as well.

d.    General meetings will be held September 20, October date TBD, November 15, February 16, March 21, April 18, and May 16. There will be no meeting in January.

e.    The September 20th meeting will be at Tish Thompson’s house at 7 pm

f.      Kay is going to talk to the Rosemont Elementary principal about hosting the October meeting

g.    The December meeting will also be the Cookie Swap (details TBD).

h.    Board meetings will be the Tuesday before the General meeting. Except the March meeting is moved to March 5th because of spring break.

i.      Founder’s Day will be February 16th.

j.      We need to assign a 3rd person as a signer on the group bank checking account. Kay proposed Stephanie Baxter and she agreed.

k.    We need to post meeting minutes on the website.

2.    Treasurer’s report, Christi Rudduck:

a.    The record retention policy for the past 7 years has to be reviewed and approved every year.

b.    We should have a RECPTA table at the Kinder Round Up.

c.    We do have bond insurance as a board. Christi is checking to see if we also have the property insurance. We may be carrying too much insurance.

d.    The reimbursement forms need to be signed by 3 people (president, treasurer, and a committee chair).

e.    Christi needs to compile a budget committee.

f.      Becky Moffett moved to set up an PayPal account. The motion was seconded by Katie Berry and it was tabled until we hear back from the State PTA about the rules on having a PayPal account.

g.    Christi is reviewing the PTAvenue software to see if it is a good fit to replace Quickbooks. She will let us know at the August Board Meeting.

3.    VP Programs report, Melissa Love-Tristan:

a.    Melissa and Becky Tucker will form a RECPTA Excellence Committee with 3-5 members.

b.    They will work on creating a mission, submit surveys, and work through the identity and fundraising roadmap

4.    Rosemont Liaison report, Kim Coplen Green:

a.    STEM Night at Rosemont Elementary will be on November 14th.

b.    Literacy Night on February 28th.

c.    SPDM Meetings in 2018 on September 6th, October 4th, November 2nd, and December 6th at the Rosemont upper campus library.

d.    SPDM Meetings in 2019 on February 7th, March 7th, April 4th, May 2nd at Rosemont the lower campus library.

e.    The Rosemont Boo Bash will be October 27th 10/27. RECPTA will have a booth.

f.      RE Meet the Teacher will be August 16th from 4-7 pm

5.    Alumni Liaison report, Katie Berry:

a.    Proposed changing website to create more connection. The motto is: “Get connected and be of Service”

b.    Katie started to discuss having a school fair with Kay Wood & Melissa Love-Tristan and how to get alumni involved.

6.    New business.

a.    Becky Moffett brought up the annual Zoo event, will discuss further at next meeting.

b.    The next Board Meeting will be on September 21, 2018.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 p.m.




Laura Motta-Mena, Secretary 

July 24, 2018