Rosemount Early Childhood PTA (RECPTA)

Date: June 28, 2018

The general meeting of RECPTA was called to order on June 28, 2018 at 7:38 p.m. at the Cliff House, 610 N Tyler St., by president, Kay Wood, the secretary being present. A quorum was established.

There was a motion to by Sue Bacsik to not read the minutes of the previous May meeting, Melissa Love Tristan seconded that, the motion carried. The minutes of the May meeting were not read.


  1. The president, Kay Wood, introduced each of the new Board members for 2018-2019

  2. Kay gave a summary of goals for the year

    1. The group will focus on things we do well: sunshine meals, popsicle party, interest groups. These are programs that build community, offer a personal touch.

    2. The biggest change will be that we will not organize any major fundraising events

    3. We are trying reaching out to all the members and talk to them one-on-one. Related to this, we will include a survey with the membership renewal email

    4. Kay is personally reaching out by phone to each of the registered members

  3. The Volunteer Coordinator position is currently open:

    1. Kay asked for nominations, but nobody came forward at this time

    2. If anybody knows of a candidate or is themselves interested in the position later on then they should contact Kay at [email protected]

  4. The group needs to review the bylaws before the Fall

    1. Kay appointed a committee to review the bylaws: Brittany Dean, Diane Sherman, Brooke Wise, Shelly Morgan, and Kay Wood.

  5. Board Member Reports:

    1. Stephanie Baxter, Membership:

      1. We have 271 general members and 74 alumni member

    2. Melissa Love Tristan, Programs:

      1. We need people to help organize mom’s night, great hospitality, founder’s day

    3. Becky Tucker, Ways & Means: nothing to report

    4. Christi Rudduck, Treasurer:

      1. The treasurer’s report showed that as of 5/9/2018 the RECPTA account showed: a beginning balance of $49,122.25, deposits of $2,600.59, disbursements/checks for $4,321.77, and an ending balance of $47,401.07 on 6/28/2018.

      2. Christi moved to have a credit card associated with the RECPTA checking account. The motion was seconded by Melissa Love Tristan.

      3. We need to change our bylaws in order to add the credit card, therefore the motion needs to pass by a two-thirds majority vote

      4. There was no discussion on this motion, and after a vote the motion passed.

      5. Christi moved to amend the budget as indicated in the Proposed budget 2018-2019 handout (attached):

        1. Eliminate $700 from the Board Retreat budget, the previous budget was $1000 and will now be $300

        2. Eliminate $300 from the Board Turnover dinner budget, the previous budget was $300 and will now be $0

        3. Add $145 to the TX PTA Leadership Training budget, the previous budget was $500 and will now be $645

        4. Add $100 to the budget for Facebook advertising, the previous budget was $0 and will now be $100

        5. Add the remaining $755 to the Programs budget, the previous budget was $7148 and will now be $7913

          1. Note: in Christi’s budget handout it list a $655 increase in the Programs budget, instead of the $755 I think it should be. I will ask Christi for clarification on this

      6. The motion to make the above-mentioned amendments to the budget was seconded and carried.

    5. Rebekah Silva, Communications: nothing to report

    6. Sue Bacsik, Sunshine Meals: if anyone knows any expecting moms please let her know

    7. Becky Moffett, Community Liaison: nothing to report

    8. Kim Green, Rosemont Liaison:

      1. We need to get RECPTA volunteers to go to a “Meet the Teachers” meeting at the school on August 16 from 4-7pm

      2. The new Principal at Rosemont is Marco Barker, he was previously an elementary vice principal

    9. Katie Berry, Alumni Liaison: nothing to report

    10. Shelly Morgan, Parliamentarian: nothing to report

    11. Alexa Taylor, general member, would like host a party/get together for the incoming kinder class at Rosemont. She’ll give us a heads up later about the details and then send an email to the membership

  6. Kay’s wrap-up message: keep a look out on our Facebook for upcoming events!

  7. No new business.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

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Laura Motta-Mena, Secretary  

June 29, 2018