Recpta General Meeting 


Texas Ale Project 


Board members present: Jenifer Parker, Laura Corkery, Emily Ruth Cannon, Ally Newman, Sonya Hebert, Kate Thacker, Brittany Dean, Elisa Eaton 

Quorum met – 20 people present 


Call to order – Emily Ruth 

            8:03 pm – Emily called meeting to order. Thanking Texas Ale Project for hosting 

Reading of the minutes from previous meeting – Laura present 

            Brooke asked why the Founder’s Day motion was found not in accordance with ECPTA l

laws. Jenifer and Emily Ruth explain that outside people cannot hold a position in a committee that votes on fund allocation. The way the committee was proposed does not follow the procedure. 

Treasurer Report – Ally 

Balance at the last board meeting $24,346.87 

            Deposits: $11,450.74

            Checks: $20, 204.61 

            Ending balance: $15,593.00

VP Memberships – Sonya 

            306 Member -244 general and 62 Alumni 

VP Programs – Kate 

            Spring retreat 4.28 – Cedar Creek Lake 

            May 17thmeeting is at Methodist at this time 

VP Fundraising – Cynthia (Kate) 

            Auction went really well 

            Working on reconciling everything at this point 

            Final number to come soon 

VP Communications – Jenifer 

            No updates 

Community Liaison – Laura 

            Dallas Chamber Symphony concert coming up in 2 weeks – May 4th

            Flyers in English and Spanish are available – please help distribute the flyers 

            Folsom Fitness Center lawn at Methodist 

            No volunteers are needed 

            Laura has sent the fliers to all the local Oak Cliff schools to distribute to students 

Drive collecting cash or socks and underwear for children getting introduced to the CPS system. $50 raised so far, hoping for more 

Rosemont Liaison – Kay 

            No update 

Alumni Liaison – Sue 

            Brooke gave quick update on the Alumni wine party in April 

Volunteer Coordinator – Kaitlyn (Jenifer) 

            Thanks to all who helped with the auction 

            May 20thfor the volunteer appreciation party 3-5 on a Sunday afternoon

Sunshine Coordinator – Elisa (Sonya)

            Lots of babies coming 

            Always need more volunteers to be buddies and delivery meals 

New Business - 

Brooke Wise motion – RECPTA is expensive for those with limited funds. ECPTA does not require this $35. Biggest expense in the past has been mailing out newsletters and directory. We don’t do that anymore, so we don’t need to charge that much. We cannot vote on this for 30 days. Board needs to look into how this will affect our budget. 

Motion – change the dues from $35 to $20. 

Ally - $315 a month we pay for our memberclicks website 

How many more members do we think we could get from lower dues? 

Sonya looked at the budget – 300 members x 35 = 10k. 24k are operating costs for our organization – popsicle party, mailing condolence cards, website, etc 

Can someone look into an income contingent application for members? 

Emily Ruth – not fair to ask someone to apply 

            We need to be spending money on our moms 

            We have helped people in the past who have had financial hardship 

Meet adjourned at 8:30pm