RECPTA General Meeting

February 24th, 2018

Turner House, Founder’s Day

Meeting called to order 11:46 AM by President Emily Ruth Cannon.  Welcome message and thanks to organizers.

President explains rules of nominating committee; cannot vote for President or anyone who served on it last year (Kay Wood, Angela Valek, Melissa Love Tristan, Ally Newman or Kate Thacker). Everyone fills out their nominations.

Treasurer’s Report – Sonya Hebert makes a motion to waive the reading of the Treasurer’s Report. Kay Wood seconds. All in favor, motion passes.

Membership Report – Sonya Hebert: There are currently 274 members. Playgroups need more participation and hosts. There is a running club that meets on Wednesday evenings. Wine club will be meeting March 1st at Kay Woods house. Book club will meet April 5th.

Programs Report – Kate Thacker: Next General Meeting will be on March 22nd in the evening at Kay Woods house. We need more volunteers to host Small Groups and meetings. Spring retreat will be April 28th at Cedar Creek Lake. Mom’s Night Outs are being planned, but no concrete dates set yet.

Fundraising – Cynthia Payne-Drennan: Auction will be April 13th at Hall of State, the theme is a white party “Heart for the Arts”. So far, the auction has raised $18,000.

Shelley Morgan makes a motion that all proceed from the auction go to Rosemont. Amy Tawil seconds. Discussion follows. Diane Sherman suggest an ad hoc committee be created to determine how proceeds from the auction be allocated. Shelley Morgan amends her motion that an ad hoc committee be created which consists of 3 alumni, 3 regular members, and 1 community member.  Terri Polachek seconds. Vote – majority is in favor. Motion passes.

Alumni Liaison – Sue Hounsel: The alumni spring social will most likely be held April 6th.

Communications – Jenifer Parker: She has heard from a few people that they are not getting e-mails. She spoke with Memberclicks, it seems to be an issue with AT&T, but it should be fixed now. But you can always email Jenifer if you are having problems.

Sunshine – Elisha Eaton: seven babies are due in March, please reach out to her if you can volunteer to bring a meal.

Community Liaison – Laura Corkery: Dallas Chamber Symphony concert will be May 4th at Methodist. April 7th Methodist is hosting Garden to Table event that may interest RECPTA members.

Secretary – Brooke Wise moves that we waive the reading of the minutes from the previous general meeting. Emily Kaczmarczyk seconds. All in favor, motion passes.

Rosemont Liaison – Kay Wood: Preschool Reading Time is coming back to Rosemont, dates are TBD, but will be posted on RECPTA calendar and Rosemont calendar.

Ballots have been counted. Nominating Committee will be comprised of Jenifer Parker, Becca Leonard, Kristy Nail, Elisa Eaton and Sonya Hebert. The alternates are Emily Kaczmarczyk, Laura Corkery, and Ashley Farris.

Meeting adjourned at 12:20 PM.