RECPTA General Meeting

October 19th 2017

Rosemont Elementary

Present: Kate Thacker, Jenifer Parker, Kay Wood, Britney Dean, Melissa Love-Tristan, April Allen, Angela Valek, David Stinnett, Caitlin Stinnett, Lindsey Panchebi, Chrystal Morgan, Mariam Anderson, Catherine Dodge, Brooke Wise, more (names not known)

Meeting Called to order by Rosemont Liaison Kay Wood: 10:15 am , Quorum established

Presentation/Speaker: Discussion of what Rosemont offers, academically and socially with principal Rachel Moon. Review of upcoming Boo-Bash with PTA President Melissa Love-Tristan, introduction to Parent Liaison Brenda Landeros and a few second graders.

Motion to wave reading of the previous meeting minutes, seconded and approved. .

Treasurer (Ally, absent):  Beginning balance at the 9/21st general meeting was $23,303.46. Deposits: $1795, Checks: $2954.48. Ending balance as of 10/18: $22, 143.98

Membership (Sonya, absent): We currently have 174 general members and 45 alumni for a total of 219 members.  Please sign up for the general, playgroup and general interest groups the member center at

Programs (Kate): We had about 170 attendees for the Fall Family Party, a great turnout. For future events, please RSVP to help us get an accurate headcount. Next week is MNO at Neighborhood Cellar. We have one spot left for our family campout on November 3/4th. Next general meeting is November 16th at Oak Cliff Dance.  

Fundraising (Cynthia, absent): Nothing reported

Communications (Jenifer): Babysitter and preschool lists are updated on the website, located under the Resource tab. If you are not getting RECPTA emails and want to sign up for the recycle lists or any other group lists, you can do that by logging in, going to My Community in the Member Center tab.

Community (Laura, absent): Nothing reported

Rosemont Liaison (Kay Wood): Boo Bash Friday 10/27 from 4-7:30 pm. Garden club will be selling food from the Rosemont garden. We will send event reminders/notices for other upcoming family-friendly Rosemont events.

Volunteer (Kaitlin Snow, absent): Nothing to report

Sunshine (Lynn Blackburn, absent): We have two expecting this month and two expecting in November.

Meeting adjourned: 11:29 am