September 21st

Home of Holli Elrod

Quorum met

Kate Thacker welcomes everyone and thanks Holli for the use of her home. Introduces Jeff Chandler to talk to us about meditation.

Meeting officially started at 8:18
Emily Ruth thanks Holli Elrod. Asks Holli to speak about her home.

Sonya- VP Membership
Website was down the past couple days making enrolling members difficult
145 general members currently. 43 alumni
popsicle party was awesome
thank you angela valek for hosting
reminder of playgroups
book clubs led Rocio
wine club meeting Friday 9/22
brocepta led by jeff Fahrenholz
Kristen kimmel running club had first meeting this week. Hot but successful

Kate – VP Programs
Fall Party at Methodist
Live music, photo booth, lunch, face painting, balloons
Moms Night Out  one coming up soon
Fall Family Camp Out – Boyd Park – Grand Prairie. Check it out for the day or stay overnight.

Cynthia – Fundraising
Photos for Santa 11/12 and 11/13
In pavilion or in model home. $25 rain or shine, booker t choir singing, hot coco
April 13th Auction – White Party

Jenifer – Communications
Website is back up and running after going out for a couple days
Ask Jenifer if you don’t know how to use e-list or any other tech help
Email coming soon with videos how to use some functions of website

Laura- Community Liaison
Community Event 11/9
Updating Corporate Sponsorship levels

Ally is out so Laura is presenting the Treasure Report
Brooke Wise makes motion to adopt budget
Jenifer seconds motion to adopt
Questions about 14k to Rosemont Dallas Children’s Theater and 4k to other donations (i.e. other local schools)
ERC calls vote. All approve

Rosemont Liaison – Kay is out, ERC speaks on her behalf
Boo Bash at Rosemont 10/27

Kaitlin – Volunteer Coordinator
1 hour of volunteer service per member – bring a meal, host a play date, etc
Volunteer hours are reciprocal with Rosemont hours

Sonya speaking for Lynn – Sunshine Coordinator
Sign up for more meals. We always need more help

Brittany – Parliamentarian
Financial Reconciliation Report
Kate moves to bypass reconciliation report.
Jenifer second to bypass.

ERC goes over upcoming events
Wine tasting
La Fondita Happy Hour
Fall Family Event at Methodist
Membership Meeting 10/19
Family Campout 11/3-11/5

Meeting adjourned 9:05