Rosemont Early Childhood PTA
General Meeting
May 22, 2015
Home of Tish Thompson
The general/volunteer appreciation meeting of the Rosemont Early Childhood PTA was called to order on May 22, 2015 at 8:39 pm at the home of Tish Thompson, by President Melissa Love-Tristan, the secretary being present.  A quorum was established. The minutes of the April 2015 General Meeting were waived and approved as distributed.
Treasurer's Report: Casey Cox
Balance as of 4/14: $30,288.03; Deposits: $ 2062.03; Disbursements: $1053.06; Balance as of 5/21 (which is mostly auction proceeds that still need to be disbursed to Rosemont): $31,297.
Membership Report: Norell Liddell
We have 83 alumni and 307 general members, for 390 total.
Programs: Emily Kaczmarczyk
Thanks to Tish for hosting us tonight.
Fundraising Report: Terri Polachek
OakFit will host another event June 5th, details to come.
Communications Report: Brooke Price
The website is working well.
Community Report: Amy Wallace Cowan (Absent)
Nothing discussed, nothing to report.
Sunshine Report: Ally Newman
Four babies due in May.
Rosemont Liaison: Venesa Sokolovic
Nothing discussed, nothing to report.
Alumni Liaison: Amy Tawil/Lynne Merlino (absent)
Nothing discussed, nothing to report.
Unfinished Business: Melissa
Nothing discussed, nothing to report.
New Business: Melissa
Nothing discussed, nothing to report
Volunteer Report: Sarah Valdez-Tate
We want to thank each and every person who volunteered with RECPTA this year. While we had many, many volunteers who helped make this year so fun and successful, our VP board members would like to acknowledge their top 2-3 volunteers.
  • Norell Liddell thanks Steve Zabak for being a lifesaver starting the new website, transferring old database. Catherine Dodge for helping transfer data. Donna Distefano, for coordinating/restarting book club. Ellie Brin for helping with popsicle party, wine club, and hosting playgroups.
  • Emily Kaczmarczyk thanks Marysol Villanueva for taking on childcare this year. Emily Cannon for putting together great retreats. Heidi Maher and Anne Fahrenholz for hosting events at their homes. Melissa Love-Tristan for helping with Founders Day. Ally Newman for hosting all our board meetings.
  • Terri Polachek thanks all those who helped with the roaster and other small events this year. Specifically, Mandy Malloy for all the help with auction, along with Holli Haddix, Venesa Sokolovic and Jeanine.
  • Brooke Price thanks all the e-list moderators, specifically Robin Eggin and Stari Ewert for organizing the moderators. A huge thanks to Norell Liddell for all the website help. Thanks to Vicky Moffett for graphic help with the website, auction and new logo.
  • May 31st: Last day of current board
  • June 1st: New board starts
  • June 5th: OakFit family event
Meeting adjourned at 9:22 pm.