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Being a parent is incredibly rewarding and also extremely challenging! So it makes a huge difference when you go along that journey with others. Whether you're an expecting parent or already caring for toddlers and elementary-aged children, this is the place for you to find support and friendship!

What we do:

Monthly meetings - Held during the third week of each month at different locations around North Oak Cliff. Group and community updates are shared during the meetings.

Playgroups - Formed based on child age range.

Periodic fundraising - Benefiting Rosemont Elementary and other local initiatives.

Sunshine meals - Provided by volunteers for families with a new baby or that have a special need (hospitalization, death in the family).

Family activities - Group outings to help connect with other neighborhood families.

Mom's Night Out - Moms meet for a special happy hour at a local restaurant.

Special interest groups - Book club, wine club, running club and BroCEPTA, the dad's club.

Your annual RECPTA membership is on $35.

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Please note: The RECPTA membership year runs from August 1st through July 31st, following Texas PTA requirements.
All memberships expire on July 31st of each year, and members must renew by September 1st to continue being active. If you have any questions, please contact us at