Kay Wood, President

Member since: 2008
Past RECPTA positions: Sunshine Buddy, Rosemont Liaison
Husband: Grant Wood
Kid(s):Anne Marie (9), Ella (7), and Lyda (4)
How you joined RECPTA: My neighbors, Dorsey Martensen and Veronique Padalecki, invited me to my first meeting when I was pregnant with Anne Marie
Our neighborhood: East Kessler
Kids schools: Susie Williams TAG, Rosemont Primary, and St. Michael Episcopal School
Job: Realtor
Laura Motta-Mena, Secretary
Member since:  2016
Past RECPTA positions: 
Husband:  Mike Dellinger
Kid(s):  Henry Dellinger, 19 month
How you joined RECPTA:  I joined RECPTA soon after I moved to moved Oak Cliff. I was pregnant and my neighbor told me about the organization. She mentioned the Sunshine Meals, the playgroups, and the members-only online market for baby gear…amazing! I was sold on the group immediately. 
Our neighborhood:  Kidd Springs
Kids schools: St. Augustine PDO
Job:  Methodist Dallas Medical Center, Director of Community and Public Relations



Katie Berry, Alumni Liaison

Member since: 1999
Past RECPTA positions: President, Other Board Positions 
Kid(s): Zach and Will
How you joined RECPTA: Laura Schlenker and Cindy Spence
Our neighborhood: Kings Highway
Kids schools: University of Arkansas and CALO
Job: Attorney

Christi Rudduck, Treasurer

Member since: 2013
Past RECPTA positions: N/A 
Husband: Michael Rudduck
Kid(s): Henry (4), Peter (2)
How you joined RECPTA: Grew up in RECPTA, Rosemont alum.
Our neighborhood: Winnetka Heights
Kids schools: Wild Earth Preschool
Job: Stay at Home Mom

Stephanie Baxter, Membership VP

Member Since: 2018
Spouse: Daniel
Kids: Luke (14 months) 
Our neighborhood: Kessler Park
Why I Joined RECPTA: Friend recommendation
Job: Stay at home mom


Becky Moffett, Community Liaison

Member Since: 2003
Past RECPTA involvement:Communications, Membership, Way & Means, Retreats Coordinator, President, Parliamentarian
Spouse: Chris Moffett
Kids: Lauren (14) Benjamin (11) 
Kids Schools: Woodrow HS, Travis TAG Academy
Our neighborhood:
Why I Joined RECPTA: Heard about it from Amy Tawil when Lauren started PDO at KPUMC
Job: Qualigraphics -Your Printing and Promotional Product Source (own it)

Hello RECPTA, we hope you and your family are having a marvelous summer! RECPTA is reaching out to you today to let you know about an exciting opportunity! Thanks to a fabulous donor, RECPTA has a pair of FC Dallas vs New England Revolution game day tickets for this Saturday, July 4th! Game starts at 8pm at Toyota Stadium in Frisco and you will be CENTER STAGE for the action! seats are in section 106, row 11!

Due to the date of the game, RECPTA is not able to hold onto this donation until our next fundraising event. Therefore, RECPTA is reaching out to its members now in hopes that someone would like to take advantage and attend this amazing match!

Katie Berry, RECPTA Past PresidentYesterday was my first child’s 18th birthday. When he was a year, I joined this group, with polite encouragement from Cindy Spence and undeniable persuasion from Laura Schlenker. She took me on my first retreat, and I’ve been hooked ever since. This group became my social world and still is.

I see myself when I notice all of you with your strollers, managing kids at the grocery store, swinging them at the park. And my heart fills with gladness. I remember that joy, but, just as clearly, I remember how taxing it was too. We needed each other for day-to-day physical and emotional support. And, we cooked up a lot of fun. I’ve had more fun in this group than in my whole life. And, I still can.

Laura SchlenkerI love Founder’s Day.  I try to come every year.  Sometimes, events beyond my control prevent me from attending – like the time my child threw up on me and the front door step as we were headed out, or the time my kids burned my house down the day before (that’s a different topic for another day!).  But while the meaning of Founder’s Day for me has changed over the years, the anticipation has not.

When I was first involved in RECPTA, Founder’s Day gave me a look through a window into a community built on relationships.  The past presidents were usually asked to reflect back on their time in RECPTA, and the overriding theme always seemed to be “I met some of my best life friends in RECPTA.”  My life at the time seemed to be a lot more transient.  I didn’t grow up here, and when my kids were young, I wasn’t sure if I would remain in North Oak Cliff.  I was hoping someday I could say the same, but who knew?