About Us

Rosemont Early Childhood PTA (RECPTA) is an organization of parents with young children who want to create and maintain a sense of community in Oak Cliff. RECPTA is the oldest early childhood PTA in the state of Texas. Since 1926, this organization has played an integral role in connecting new parents and neighbors. Our fundraising efforts benefit Rosemont Elementary and other local public schools, as our membership represents schools all over the Dallas area.

RECPTA’s focus is to build community and friendships among North Oak Cliff parents that will last into the school-age years and beyond. The support and friendships that develop through meetings, retreats, playgroups, and community service are what have sustained RECPTA for over 90 years. This is the place to keep your finger on the pulse of the neighborhood. RECPTA is where families come together and long term neighborhood friendships are born. Please consider joining us.

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RECPTA is a noncommercial, nonsectarian, nonpartisan association that does not endorse any candidate or political party. This PTA does not endorse non-PTA products or services.