Laura Corkery, Community Liaison

Member since: 
Past RECPTA positions: Community Liaison (2016)
Husband: Scott
Kid(s): Leila (4), Logan (2)
How you joined RECPTA: To meet people and learn about local/community resources
Our neighborhood: Kessler Plaza
Kids school: Springhill
Job: Supply Chain Senior Strategy Manager (Frito Lay/Pepsi Co Plano)

I was born and raised in Harlingen, TX and went to college at Texas A&M in College Station. After a few years, I moved out to Rancho Cucamonga, CA for a work opportunity. When Scott and I married in 2008, we decided we wanted to move back to Texas before starting our family. We moved to Oak Cliff at the recommendation of the first manager who hired me after college. We stayed friends even when I moved to California and when he found out we were moving back to Dallas, he introduced us to Oak Cliff and lobbied for us to move to the neighborhood. We actually ended up buying a house on the same street.

RECPTA is an opportunity to me, to continue to give back to and improve Oak Cliff while keeping that small town feel. I was disappointed when I had my first baby that I felt like I had to drive to Plano for everything because it didn’t seem as though we had resources in the area.

We fell in love with the small town feel of Oak Cliff, the history of the area and the age of the houses. Our house was built in 1942 and I love not pulling in to the wrong driveway when I come home because my house looks identical to the ones on either side of it. With all of the progress coming to Oak Cliff, I hope that we still retain the identity of the area and don’t just raze old houses to turn it in to Uptown.

I am an avid reader, love movies (when I can get out to see them any more) and great food. Scott and I both enjoy watching hockey live and loved our Texas Tornado season tickets when we lived in Plano. We’d love to have Stars season tickets, but we had children instead.  I am also passionate about LGBTQ rights, and lead our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Ally Employee Resource Group (EQUAL) at work and was very engaged in PepsiCo’s diversity and inclusion work before that.