Brittany Dean, Parliamentarian

Member since: 2015
Past RECPTA positions: Volunteering (Sunshine, Founder's Day)
Husband: Nick Dean
Kid(s): Samuel (1.5) and one coming in March 2018!
How you joined RECPTA: Neighbor recommendation
Our neighborhood: Winnetka Heights
Kids school: PDO at Kessler Park United Methodist
Job: Full-time mom, part-time family photographer and I help at my husband's architecture firm

I moved from Connecticut to Texas (Colleyville) when I was three. I attended private school in Ft. Worth, and met my husband when I was a senior in high school and he had just started college. We dated long distance for four years, while I studied psychology at Trinity University in San Antonio. We married three weeks after graduation and lived in Ft. Worth for a few years, while I completed my masters in behavior analysis, and he in architecture. 
We quickly found out that the architecture jobs were mostly so Dallas, so Nick commuted from Fort Worth for eight months, before we then gave in and reluctantly moved to "the big city." We lived in a loft downtown while we researched where to settle in Dallas. After two years scouring nearby neighborhoods, we found the most welcoming people here in Oak Cliff. We bought our first home in Winnetka Heights fours years ago and have loved it! We love our neighbors, porch-time, the charming homes and the large trees - and I had heard when we were ready, Rosemont wasn't so bad, so that is a bonus! 
My neighbor (Emily Ruth), invited me to get involved with RECPTA when I was pregnant so that I could partake in the Sunshine meals-great decision! Sam was at his first playgroup when he was two months old, either asleep or eating the whole time - just enough for me to get some adult-time and sanity back. I love the friends I have made, and am excited to serve on the board this year and give back to the families that have given so much to me!