Kay Wood, Rosemont Liaison

Member Since: 2008

Past RECPTA involvement: Sunshine buddy, Playgroup coordinator
Spouse: Grant Wood
Kids: Anne Marie (8) Ella (6) Lyda (3)
Kids Schools: Rosemont (Anne Marie/Ella), St. Michael Episcopal (Lyda)
Our neighborhood: East Kessler
Why I Joined RECPA: Friend recommendation
Job: Real Estate Agent

We've lived in Oak Cliff for 10 years, first in Kessler and now in East Kessler. We originally moved to Oak Cliff because I worked primarily in Dallas and Grant worked in Ft. Worth. We quickly fell in love with the architecture, the terrain, the convenience, and most importantly, the people!

We both grew up in Dallas and were high school sweethearts. We thought we knew what it meant to have a strong sense of community growing up in the Park Cities, but our Oak Cliff community takes it to new levels, and I love the role RECPTA plays in that.

When we first moved to Oak Cliff, we already had lifelong friends in Dallas, so we didn't form a lot of neighborhood friendships overnight. That changed when I was pregnant with Anne Marie and my awesome neighbors, Dorsey Martensen and Veronique Padalecki, brought me to a meeting and told me I *had* to sign up. RECPTA really helped us meet our neighbors and introduced us to Rosemont, where I've also served on the PTA board. 

I have worked for the past 11 years selling residential real estate with Briggs Freeman Sotheby's International Realty. I love my job for the people I get to work with and the neighborhoods it takes me to. No two days are the same, and much like being a mom, it keeps me on my toes. Before I moved back to Dallas in 2005, I was a college art history professor. 

Between three kids, a motorcycle adventurer-lawyer husband, and real estate, I don't have a ton of time for hobbies, but I love to cook, belong to two book clubs (one with childhood friends that doesn't focus too much on the books and one with Oak Cliff friends that really pushes me to read and think), and occasionally I do needlepoint. I'm trying to finish Lyda's Christmas stocking before she starts kindergarten!

My goal this year as Rosemont liaison is to share more of what Rosemont has to offer with our RECPTA membership and to bring more current Rosemont families to our RECPTA events, especially our fantastic auction and fundraisers.

- Kay