Lynn Blackburn, Sunshine Coordinator

Member Since: 2014

Past RECPTA involvement: Sunshine buddy
Spouse: Chamblee Ferguson
Kid(s): Liam (3)
Kids' School: Incarnation Academy

Our neighborhood: Kessler Park
Why I Joined RECPA: Friend recommendation
Job: Actor

We moved to Oak Cliff in 2009 and have been in our current home since 2011. When he's not outside playing with his neighborhood buddies, Liam loves to ride his glider bike on the Coombs Creek Trail. We love the wildlife that we experience in Kessler Park, especially the barred owl that has made its home in our backyard for the last two years.  And this summer, we've even had regular visits from a grey fox! 
My husband and I are both professional actors in Dallas and throughout the region, working on stage and screen.  I'm currently in a few commercials running on TV and online, and you can catch Chamblee in A Christmas Carol at The Dallas Theater Center this upcoming season.  
After Liam was born our sunshine meals were a blessing, as we experienced the joy of a new baby right alongside the loss of my mother-in-law, just two weeks later.  Kay (Wood) was our sunshine buddy and kindly reorganized the meals around the sudden travel and funeral schedule.  It made such an impression on me that I've since become an enthusiastic sunshine volunteer. So when I was asked to step into the sunshine coordinator role, I just felt I had to do it!  
If you have any questions about how to become a sunshine buddy (or bring a meal!), please reach out to me at [email protected].  We are living in NYC through the fall, but I'll be coordinating meals remotely to ensure that this wonderful outreach continues in creating friendships and blessing families. This has become quite an undertaking for our community - with over 30 babies born just between April and August (!!!), that's 90-150 meals we are delivering (in that same time frame!).  Please know how much your service is valued and spread the word that because Oak Cliff is so family-friendly, we are bursting with opportunities to serve with Sunshine!