Ally Newman, Treasurer

Member Since: 2010

Past RECPTA involvement: Secretary, Sunshine Coordinator, Playgroup Coordinator
Spouse: Andrew Newman
Kids: Charlotte (7), Sydney (4)
Kids Schools: Dealey Montessori

Our neighborhood: Winnetka Heights
Why I Joined RECPA: Friend recommendation
Job: Carpool driver/dishwasher/chef/grocery shopper/clothes washer/yeller at my kids to "stop it!"

As a child of an Air Force officer, I grew up all over the United States. We moved to Texas when I was in high school, and after making my way up I-35 (first San Antonio, then Austin, now Dallas), Texas has definitely become "home." Upon graduating from The University of Texas, my husband (then boyfriend) and I had a brief stint in Baltimore before coming back to Austin, where he finished law school. A job off then brought us to Dallas. 

We chose Oak Cliff knowing nothing about Dallas, but it was close to downtown and made for an easy drive to my grad school in Ft. Worth. I started work as a biology research scientist, figuring we'd live here a few years and then head back to Austin. Now here we are 10 years later, with no plans to leave!

When I had my first daughter, I didn't have a single mom friend and I was going stir-crazy. So, when Charlotte was three months old, I emailed RECPTA membership to ask if the 2010 playgroup had started yet. She said "No, but why don't you start it?!" So I did, and the moms I met in that playgroup are still my closest friends today! Our kids are best friends, our husbands hang out, and they love my children like their own.  We love it here and can't imagine leaving this wonderful community.