Jenifer Parker, VP Communications

Member since: 2012
Past RECPTA involvement: Secretary, playgroup leader
Husband: Bryan
Kids: Lennon (5), Fitz (3.5)
Kids school(s): Rosemont, Cliff Temple 
Our neighborhood: Kessler Highlands

Why I joined RECPTA: Gifted membership
Job: Yelling at my kids, dramatically shaking my head at slow drivers in the passing lane

Hello! I'm Jenifer, VP of Communications this year and therefore responsible for many of the emails you'll receive (sorry, not sorry). This is my second year on the board: previously I was secretary and have also helped with the website the last few years. 

I grew up in Louisville, KY, and moved to Dallas after college on a whim and strong desire to go somewhere new. After an uninspiring career in journalism I changed course and became a nurse. During that time I met and married my husband, Bryan, and we moved to Oak Cliff in 2008. We now have two crazy boys, Lennon and Fitzhugh. 

Moving to Oak Cliff was an easy decision for us, as we had several good friends living here and had already been exposed to it's beauty and charm. When I was pregnant with Lennon, one of those friends kindly gifted me with a RECPTA membership, and it turned out to be the best baby present ever.

After Fitz was born I decided to stay home for a while, and very quickly realized that I needed some more "mom/parent" friends. I started frequenting playgroups and now have some truly amazing (and fun!!) people in my life, all because of RECPTA. I seriously can't imagine what my life would be like without this group - to not have these people who get it and are experiencing parenthood right along with me. We are some lucky people, y'all. 

My goal this year is to help members learn more about our awesome website and update some of its best features (like the babysitter and schools resource pages). You can also look for a basic website user guide to go out over the next few weeks.  I can always use some help (especially with our FB posts), and it would be a great way to get more involved without a big time commitment. If you have any questions or need website help, please email me: [email protected] 

- Jenifer