Kate Thacker, VP Programs

Member since: 2014
Past RECPTA involvement: Auction Committee
Husband: Don
Kids: Everett (6), Clementine (3.5)
Kids school(s): Dealey Montessori, Cliff Temple Child Development Center
Our neighborhood: East Kessler

Why I joined RECPTA: Neighbor and friend recommendations
Job: Freelance Homestyling

After getting married and starting our family in Atlanta, my husband and I made our way back to Texas where my family was living and I had gone to college.  Our realtor recommended that we check out Oak Cliff, and now here we are!  Soon after moving I joined RECPTA and hosted my first playgroup, where 35 people showed up!  It was a great way to meet other parents, many of whom I still call my friends today.

I grew up moving quite a bit with my parents, but have never found a community like we have here in Oak Cliff and that's thanks to RECPTA.  Don and I love the fact that anywhere we go in the neighborhood, we see someone we know.  It really is a small town in a big city.

This is my first year on the RECPTA Board as VP Programs.  As a member, I've spent time volunteering for various events, so nothing like diving right in! 

I'm really excited about all the fun events we're planning in programs this year, so look forward to some great parent's night outs, the member-only zoo event, RECPTA's first family camp out (November 3rd & 4th), our annual Founder's Day Brunch, and the spring retreat.  Want to help? There are a lot of ways you can get involved this year, just ask me!