Anne Fahrenholz, Secretary

Member Since: 2011
Past RECPTA Involvement: Playgroup Coordinator (with sister Hilary Kapfer)
Kids: Lily (6), Rory (5), Henry (3.5)
Husband: Jeff 
Why I joined RECPTA: Friend recommendation
Our Neighborhood: Winnetka Heights 
Kids School: Lakewood Montessori School 
Job: I just returned to teaching (Latin at ESD)

My husband and I are both from northern Connecticut where we met in grade school. I attended Davidson College in North Carolina, and then moved to NYC for 1.5 years. We moved to Dallas in 2006 for a better work/life balance for my husband who works in finance. My sister Rachel already lived in Oak Cliff when we moved, so after a short time in an apartment in Uptown, we moved to Winnetka Heights (the best neighborhood in OC!).

We are now in our second home in the neighborhood and can't imagine living anywhere else. My other sister Hilary moved to the house behind ours two years ago, so my kids get to see their cousins every day. Not only do I have an amazing community of neighbors and friends, but also family.

I joined RECPTA right when I started staying home with my oldest daughter. I had no mom friends and days with a young baby were very lonely. Showing up at a strangers house with a baby in tow was definitely out of the my comfort zone at first, but I quickly found friends through playgroups. The friendships I have made are irreplaceable. I have a wonderful support group because of the friendships I made through playgroups. 

My advice for RECPTA members is to get involved in playgroups. I know it's hard for the working parents, but try to make (or host) a Saturday morning playgroup if you can. In order for playgroups to be successful, we need more volunteers. Please consider opening up your home for two hours once in while for a playgroup. The home playgroups are usually the best attended. You don't need to do anything as host other than have a few toys or a backyard for kids to run. If you don't want to host at your home, consider hosting a playgroup at the coffee shop or Cibo - just let us know a day and time and we'll set it up!