Kaitlin Snow, Volunteer Coordinator
Member Since:
Past RECPTA involvement:
Retreat coordinator (2 years)
Cash (4), Penny (2)
Why I joined RECPTA:
Friend recommendation
Our Neighborhood:
Kidd Springs
Kids Schools:
Hogg and Springhill
Other Job:

I'm Kaitlin, Volunteer Coordinator for the 2017-2018 RECPTA Board. This is my first year on the RECPTA Board, after organizing the retreats for two years.

We've lived in Kidd Springs for seven years. We sort of stumbled on Oak Cliff while searching DFW for older homes with character. We enjoy spending time outside, walking, running, and biking wherever we can, traveling, and getting to know our neighbors. We spend a lot of time in Oak Cliff because we love it here so much. 

I joined RECPTA before my son was born, after a friend told me about the post-baby meals, and I couldn't be happier about that decision. I never imagined the great friendships I would find here, and I feel crazy lucky for that. We moved Oak Cliff without knowing anyone and I found it hard to get connected as young singles at the time. RECPTA introduced me to an amazing group of friends. 

I also serve on the board for Springhill Montessori PTO, where both Cash and Penny have attended. Cash is starting pre-k at Hogg Elementary this year - we are very excited for that!  And if you're wondering, no we did not intentionally name them both after money, I promise! It was a delayed realization...

This year, I hope to expand my community of RECPTA friends especially by recruiting new volunteers. Volunteering is one of the BEST ways to get to know other RECPTA members, and I hope to motivate more members to get involved. I'm also encouraged by RECPTA's growing engagement with all of Oak Cliff's excellent schools. I'm really excited for this new school and board year!