Rosemont Early Childhood PTA
General Meeting
March 26th, 2015
Home of Venesa Sokolovic


The general meeting of the Rosemont Early Childhood PTA was called to order on March 26, 2015 at 8 pm at the home of Venesa Sokolovic, by President Melissa Love-Tristan, the Secretary being present.  A quorum was established. The reading of the February 2015 General Meeting minutes were waived and approved as distributed. 

Treasurer's Report: Casey  Cox
Opening Balance on 2/10/2015: $13,822.39. Deposits: $10,444.73 Disbursements: $16,382.81. Ending cash balance on 3/26/15: $7,884.31. Most incoming and outgoing funds are auction related and we expect more coming in. See Treasurer report for details.
Membership Report: Norell Liddell
We have 83 alumni and 283 general members, for 366 total which is the largest member roster to date.  WE are short membership cards, more coming soon. The next wine tasting will be at my house on April 2nd. Book club is April 21st. Part of our new community partnership with Methodist Hospital includes a $2500 from them along with the upcoming Pidge Picnic on March 28th - thanks to RECPTA member and Methodist liaison, Jerri Locke for helping this happen.
Programs: Emily Kaczmarczyk
April General meeting is TBD, details to come soon. May Appreciation will be at Tish Thompson’s house.
Fundraising Report: Terri Polachek
The auction was this past weekend, final numbers to come soon. Our spring mini-fundraiser will be early May and we will once again partner with Urban Acres for another RECPTA Pizza Night and incorporate the unsold auction items.
Volunteer Report: Sarah Valdez-Tate
Thank you to everyone who helped with the auction: we had a great volunteer response!
Communications Report: Brooke Price
Nothing discussed. Nothing to Report.
Community Report: Melissa for Amy Wallace Cowan
Clean your Park Day at Kidd Springs details coming soon.
Sunshine Report: Ally Newman
We had three babies born in March. Seven babies due in April and four due in May.
Rosemont Liaison: Venesa Sokolovic
I Bike Rosemont is April 20-24th.  This is a fun week that consists of morning bike rides to school by parents and students. The riders get a card that is punched each day they ride their bike to school. At the end of the week on Friday, the kids, their parents, volunteers and teachers participate in a group bike ride to Eno’s in the Bishop Arts District, where the kids turn their punch cards in for a free root beer float. Even if you don’t have kids at Rosemont, you can still participate by helping cheer the kids on as they get to school in the mornings, or cheer them along the bike route as they ride to Eno’s. For more information, contact Venesa Sokolovic at [email protected].
Alumni Liaisons: Melissa for Amy and Lynne
Spring event brought in 22 wine bottles - Amy will send out thank yous soon
Old Business:
Nothing discussed. Nothing to report.
New Business:
Nominating Committee’s Presentation of slate of 2015-2016 Board Members – Presented by Emily Kaczmarczyk
President: Terra McGhee
1st VP of Membership: Carolyn Mulvey
2nd VP of Programs: Terri Polachek
3rd VP of Fundraising: Brooke Price
4th VP of Communications: Ginnette Serrano-Correa
Treasurer: Shelley Collera
Secretary: Kristy Nail
Sunshine Coordinator: Maureen Fernandez
Volunteer Coordinator: Ellie Brin
Rosemont Liaison: Dori Trujillo
Alumni Liaison: Laura Pulis
Motion by Jenifer Parker “I motion to approve the proposed 2015-2016 board nomination as slated.” Motion seconded. Motion carried unanimously.  
  • March 28th Methodist Pidge Picnic
  • April 7th: Story time at Rosemont, board meeting
  • April 15th: General meeting
  • April 20th-24th: iBike Rosemont
  • May 1st: Urban Acres Pizza night
  • May 5th: Board meeting
  • May 21st: Volunteer Appreciation
  • June 1st: New Board starts
Meeting adjourned at 9:01pm