Rosemont Early Childhood PTA 
Founder's Day General Meeting
February 11, 2015
Turner House

The Founder's Day general meeting of the Rosemont Early Childhood PTA was called to order on February 11, 2015 at 11:02 am at Turner House by President Melissa Love-Tristan, the secretary being present.  A quorum was established. The minutes of the January 2014 General Meeting were waived and approved as distributed.

Treasurer's Report: Casey  Cox 
Opening Balance (1/21/14) $13, 727.91  Deposits: $1070.  Disbursements: $975.25.  Ending cash balance (2/10/15): $13,822.39
Programs: Emily Kaczmarczyk
Mom's night out is next Wednesday at Bowl Lounge. Retreat will be March 14th in Granbury, more details to come. The next general meeting is March 12th at Venesa Sokolovic's house and Autumn Cooper will be there to show a few makeup and hair tips for the auction, which is a 1920's theme.
Fundraising Report: Melissa Love-Tristan 
March 20th is the Ritz for Rosemont Auction at the West End Event Center.  This is a big event and we need many more volunteers. The RECPTA auction funds help to fund the Rosemont School Arts programs.

Volunteer Report: Sarah Valdez-Tate
Our current needs are help with the Auction, setup/breakdown, donated items. Please contact me at [email protected].

Communications Report: Brooke Price
If you haven't been to the website lately, we have made several recent updates so please check it out. We would love help with our social media presence, and updates to the website. Please email [email protected].

Community Report: Melissa Love-Tristan
Our clean the Park will be at Kidd Springs in April. Date and time TBD. 

Sunshine Report: Ally Newman
We've had 61 babies, with around 250 meals delivered since June. 

Rosemont Liaison: Venesa Sokolovic
I Bike Rosemont is coming up in April.

Alumni Liaison: 
Tomorrow night is our alumni event at Amy Tawil's event. We ask that you bring a bottle of wine or liquor of at least $20 value for the auction. 
Membership Report: Norell Liddell
We have 82 alumni and 268 general members, for a total of 350. In addition to launching our new website this year, we also introduced a new corporate sponsorship program which includes an ad on the RECPTA website. We have flyers available today with pricing and more information on this program. We are excited to announce our new Lifetime Member, Shellie Driscoll. She has held many positions both within the little and big Rosemont PTA's, and currently librarian at Rosemont. Brief words by Shellie. 
  • February 12th: Alumni event
  • March 20th: Ritz for Rosemont Auction

Speaker: Linda Hodge, former National PTA president

New Business: Rules of nominating committee reviewed. Nominations collected, counted and announced. The 2015 nominating committee member are: Emily Kaczmarczyk, Jenifer Paker, Carolyn Mulvey, Casey Cox, Ellie Brin with alternates Sarah Valdez-Tate and Brooke Price. 

Past president speeches

Meeting adjourned at 12:02 pm.