Rosemont Early Childhood PTA

General Meeting

January 21, 2015

Kidd Springs Rec Center


The general meeting of the Rosemont Early Childhood PTA was called to order on January 21, 2015 at 9:34am at the Kidd Springs Recreation Center, by President Melissa Love-Tristan, the Secretary being present.  A quorum was established. The minutes of the November 2014 General Meeting were waived and approved as distributed.


Treasurer's Report: Casey  Cox

Opening Balance (12/11/14) $13, 946.04  Deposits: $1200.  Disbursements: $1454.03.  Ending cash balance (1/21/15): $13, 692.91.


Membership Report: Norell Liddell

We have 81 alumni and 260 general members, 341. The 2015 playgroup is doing well and has a new leader that will start soon. Wine club has a lot of interest, but great attendance so we are sending out a survey to get more information from members. Information on our corporate partnership program is available at the meeting today and always on the website.


Programs: Emily Kaczmarczyk

We will have another Moms Night Out soon, date and time still to be determined. Programs: Katie Clines Assistant Director to Kidd Springs discussed different programs the recreation center offers. Dori - Health club manager at Veranda Club, discussed different memberships at the club. Jeanine - gymboree and dance instructor at Kidd Springs.


Fundraising Report: Terri Polachek

The auction is March 20, 2014. This is a big event and we need many more volunteers. The RECPTA Auction funds help to fund the Rosemont School Arts programs such as Dallas Children’s Theater and Dance Programs.


Volunteer Report: Sarah Valdez-Tate

We still need several volunteers, specifically to help organize and prepare prior to the auction as well as during the auction. You can sign-up on or contact Sarah at

[email protected]


Communications Report: Brooke Price

We are working on reorganizing the RECPTA organization flowchart and finalizing the board position descriptions for access on the website so they are available for the upcoming nominations.


Community Report: Amy Wallace Cowan

The Clean your Bookshelf Drive for Reagan Elementary was very successful. We’ll have a Clean Your Park event later this spring.


Sunshine Report: Ally Newman

Forty-five meals were delivered for 11 babies in December. We have 6 babies due in January.


Rosemont Liaison: Venesa Sokolovic

I Bike Rosemont is coming up in April. Storytime is first Tuesday at 10:30, Kinder-Roundup is January 27th and Dual Language Lottery is February 10th both at 6 pm. If you are interested in Dual Language, it is recommended that you go to both meetings.


Alumni Liaisons:

An alumni event will be held later this spring. Details to come



  • January 27th: Brocepta, Rosemont Kinder Roundup

  • February 3rd: Board Meeting, Story Time at Rosemont

  • February 10th: Rosemont Dual Language Lottery

  • February 11th: Founder’s Day/General Meeting

  • March 20th: Ritz for Rosemont Auction

Meeting adjourned at 10:25 am.