Rosemont Early Childhood PTA
General Meeting
November 20, 2014
Home of Ally Newman


The general meeting of the Rosemont Early Childhood PTA was called to order on November 20, 2014 at 7:20 pm at the home of Ally Newman, by President Melissa Love-Tristan, the Secretary being present.  A quorum was established. Introductions of meeting attendees. The minutes of the November 2014 General Meeting were waived and approved as distributed.  

Treasurer's Report: Casey  Cox
Opening Balance (10/22/14) $15,322.50.  Deposits: $1,874.  Disbursements: $1,988.34.  Ending cash balance (11/19/14): $15,208.16. 

Membership Report: Norell Liddell
We have 79 alumni and 235 general members, for 314 paid members. December 1st will be first meeting of the new Craft group. RSVP to Jennifer Salas [email protected] by 11/21. Review of corporate sponsorships.  

Programs: Emily Kaczmarczyk
Cookie Swap is December 11th at the home pf Anne Fahrenholz, which will also be the dropoff for the RECPTA Holiday Toy Drive. Founders Days is February 11th. 

  • Presentation on cooking with your children with Noemi Alvarado.

Fundraising Report: Terri Polachek 
The RECPTA Roaster was a success, raising $234. A big thanks to Alexa Taylor for hosting, Oddfellows for the coffee and everyone else who donated time and goods. The Urban Acres RECPTA Pizzapalooza went really well, they almost ran out of pizzas. The auction is March 20, 2014 and the theme is Ritz for Rosemont at the West End Event Center. This is a huge event and we need a lot more volunteers.

Communications Report: Brooke Price
Our e-list issues are resolved and should now be working normally. Past meeting minutes should be available on the website soon. We are looking for a graphic designer to manage flowsheet. We are adding new features so keep checking.  

Volunteer Coordinator: Sarah Valdez-Tate
Thank you to all of our recent volunteers. We need more volunteers for the auction, with planning and day of activities. 

Community Liaison: Amy Wallace Cowan
We are currently collecting books for the Clean Your Bookshelves through December 1st. Books can be used or new, and age appropriate for elementary aged children.  Dropoff locations are: Eno's. Cozy Cottage, Oil and Cotton, Spinster Records, Oddfellows and Grand Bank of Texas. 

Sunshine Report: Ally Newman
We had 17 meals delivered in October. Six babies due in November and 10 in December.

Secretary Report: Jenifer Parker
We were approved for non-profit mailing status, but we need to decide on how many precanceled stamps to purchase. They come in amounts of 500, 3000 or 10,000 and do not expire. Motion by Emily Kaczmarczyk to purchase 5000 precanceled stamps. Motion seconded and approved.

Rosemont Liaison: Venesa Sokolovic
December 2nd is the next story time. December 8-12th is the Rosemont Book Fair. 

Alumni Liaisons: Amy Tawil
We are working on a springtime event. Alumni will be collecting wine to donate to the auction.

Unfinished Business: 
Jessie Bartlett, with Girls Who Can, will have holiday orders available soon. 
New Business: 
Nothing discussed
  • November 25th: Book Club
  • December 11th: Cookie Swap, Brocepta Happy Hour
  • December 12th: Kidd Springs parents night out, Rosemont Hay Ride
  • December 1st: Craft Night
  • December 2nd: Story Time at Rosemont, Board Meeting
  • December 6th: Winnetka Heights home Tour 

Meeting adjourned at 8:37pm